Throwback to the 90’s Vamp Look

How chic is this look! Hair, makeup, clothes – check! – all perfectly put together from what I can see. My hair is pretty much cut like this, but this look is sultry and adorable. It’s edgy in such a good way.  I’m ready to go dark again and Vamp It Up! I’ve died my strands a million times and yes, even black. (A guy thought I was Native American)!

I’m thinking hard about grabbing some hair dye at my local drugstore – and that lipstick color! Hard to pull off, yes, but she sure does!

The dye will give my now healthy locks some texture that I’m looking for and going dark is certainly okay to do from a box and the damage is less, so why not? Do I sound like I’m trying to build myself up for some change? Sorry, if it appears so. No, I live for change! Especially when my current look doesn’t have a whole lot going on – it doesn’t feel quite right – almost to the point of making me look older than my 37 years.

I’m totally inspired and I’ve been looking at lots of short hair pics and ways to style it. My bangs are a little long, but I’ve never been scared to take a scissors to my own hair before! Darn it that means I’ll have to get some at Sally Beauty, but oh well. I think I found a winner! Love, Love, Love It!

ME10BeautifulGirl (3)

I couldn’t commit just yet….soon tho, soon


















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