Mastering Fall/Winter Fashion If You Give a Damn

For me, the colder weather means lots of layering. However, evenings out bring out a person who tries to be more adaptable to colder weather for the sake of fashion. But it’s

matchingsweaterdressandboots (2)almost like suffering. I know we all experience fashion differently. I like to think I care to look fashionable even when its 10 degrees out and you’re in a dress. That’s exactly why the thigh-high boot and sweater dress look appeal to me especially. I like a monochromatic look or at the least a tonal outfit in this case. You can even add leggings or tights. And for those that want a dose of color, this would be a nice option. A striking blue against warm tones would be especially fashionable since the bright blue hue of nebulous blue is a favorite this season.

denimceleb (2)Speaking of blue. Good ol’ bluejeans are being mastered into a variety of looks. Denim is taking the form of not only jeans, jackets and skirts, but jumpsuits and overalls are still hot and some are super sexy, while others are more demure.

Color blocking may be a mystery, or at least it is not a trend I normally wear. But what I think looks best is pairing colors that are next to one another in either warm, cool or neutral tones. Orange and pink pair very well skirt (2) Like this rust-colored, pleated skirt with a fitted or cropped light pink sweater. A brighter coral red and fushia outfit is made easy with this dress. colorblock (2)Similarly, lavender and burgundy play very well together. Pairing neutrals is much easier and even better when done wearing pieces of different textures. Don’t go overboard with texture, or do….


Another trend I love for it’s femininity is two different floral pieces worn together, such as in a blouse and skirt. FloralMismatch (2)The objective in pairing florals is to keep around the same size of flower print in top and bottom and it helps this tricky trend if there is a color in each that matches and stands out. Pairing the outfit with a cool belt, as you see in the right two pictures, will create a visual break.

Leopard print – gosh I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t a way to add subtle fun to an outfit.leopardclutch (2) On the runway and really only on the runway, should you wear all over leopard print head to toe. A shoe, clutch, hat or coat is enough to add some drama to what your wearing.

A nod to the 80’s era brings us fun-loving stripes.
Worn on hats, sweaters, and bags livens up and brings interest

Clarv V (2)to an outfit. Vertical stripes lengthen and horizontal widen, just so ya know.



One trend is transparent accessories and foot wear. It’s objective: to elongate the legs in the case of shoes. Kendell Jenner is a fan of transparency, such as this outfit suggests. #REVOLVEawards, Las Vegas, USA - 09 Nov 2018These over-the-knee boots are truly for the fashion die-hard, in my opinion. transparent shoes (2)Would they keep you warm? How in any way could plastic be comfortable to wear and breath in? What about sweating, chafing my gosh! Anyway, I digress. Transparent totes are a unique way to show what you’re carrying (if that’s your thing) or just put your handbag inside as pictured.translucent handbag (2) Transparent, yet not clear bangles are more modest and best stacked, as is wearing lots of rings. Now it seems more is definitely more.


Athleisure – well, now we’re talking. You mean some bright white sneakers with my favorite maxi dress, along with a zipped up hoodie are actually on point? Now I can be cute and comfortably warm? (As I’ve gotten older, the heel height has gotten lower and so has the temperature I can tolerate without looking like an Eskimo.) Fitted striped pants with a fuzzy sweater and heels sounds right for a night out in early fall. Maybe I’ll bring that fancy leopard coat along, too. You see where I’m always leaning toward layering and layering means bulk and bulk means not so fashionable.

athlesiure3 (2)

Go all out in a matching track suit, but really the look is better when you pair a little sexy (like an exposed midriff) with cozy. Look to Kendall Jenner for inspo. KJThose sweater dresses that are oh so sweet like I said above also come in sweatshirt versions too. For warmth, pair with tall boots or booties and leggings. Or like Kendall does, with pumps.

For the outspoken I suppose, graffiti and literally “statement” items are favorites of celebrities and those who like to rouse a certain emotion in others without speaking, I suppose. Messages can be extremely powerful and expressive, such as the Feminist T-shirt worn by runway models. Exposed designer logos are also trendy, such as in fitness apparel, charms or peeking out from men’s jeans.

graffetibag (2)MessageTee2 (2)

For those who live for color, the experts at Pantone have got you covered.Pantone-Color-Trends-Fall-Winter-2018 (2) In America, New York is known for being fashion forward so that’s where the trends come from for the most part. So what trickles down eventually to the Midwest, originates from up East. Keep these colors in mind on your next shopping trip or fill up your virtual “bag” with something in these hues, say the experts at Pantone. If your travels take you outside the states you may want to check in on what is trending in that locale. And in many ways, even right here in the U.S., color conveys a message in itself, so you don’t want to insult anyone for wearing an inappropriate color. Here it’s not so much as insulting, but you know what I mean. You can check out Pantone’s site for the latest and greatest from the runways. But it’s not always easy to pull off runway looks – exaggeration is often beloved by designers. And finally, staying true to yourself is much more important than what you clothe your body with. So likely, even though I love fashion for all it’s playfulness and adopt trends like I’m going to be photographed by the paparazzi if I don’t show that I’m AWARE, I still dread freezing in spite of looking good. I also love how heals elongate legs and accentuate musculature, but forgive me for sounding like an old lady, I adore flats now. Yes, I said it! The girl who people thought showered in heels (fact: I can run in them) would in fact relegate herself to comfort over sex appeal is still dumbfounding to some male associates. At times, I struggle with this and I put on some heeled boots, but I’ve worn heels that have hurt my feet so bad that my stomach got sick. And you think those Manolo Blaniks are true to size – oh hell no  – I’m telling you they run at least a half inch short! You think the Housewives of Wherever don’t have blisters and bunions – doubtful – you can see them toes are squeezed in there. No one with over a size 7 probably wants to admit their shoe size, either. I know I dread the thought of someone finding out my size. If they do I tell them I have long toes (toes that look like fingers as some girl told me in middle school.)

I actually love Fall. It’s beautiful and crisp. But I’ve never liked the season for dressing, actually. I’m never warm enough it seems. And so many layers bulk me up and it just doesn’t make me feel feminine and attractive. I’m already wearing my Winter coats from last season and they’re for the most part, frumpy-looking, Investing in a beautiful coat that actually keeps me warm is a challenge for me financially. Truthfully, what I’ve really got my eye on for my next splurge is a “Teddy Bear” coat.teddycoat (2) It calls to me.

It promises to be chic and warm and comfortable and affordable all at the same time. Maybe it will salvage my social life! And yes, I’ll have some mayo on that sandwich, lots of mayo please….God who am I????

This certainly is not an exhaustive list of trends for cooler temperatures. I hope you find some inspiration for your next look with a touch of subtle or all out trendy.


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