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Live and let live is my motto in life. Forgiveness goes a long way. Countless times I’ve been forgiven. Many times, my spirit tells me that a higher power has granted me forgiveness for acts I couldn’t forgive myself for until there was a ephemeral intervention where I just stopped dwelling on past regrets. Or amazingly overcame acquired “illnesses” that I never thought I could let go of. I believe I have been given the gift to be very forgiving myself. I easily give my soul to strangers, with acts of kindness, and have turned the cheek when bullied severely throughout my life, as I didn’t want the consciousness of possibly hurting someone they way they were attacking my core. I always focus on what I know is the potential of each one of us to be our best selves with an empathetic heart. Even after my high expectations sometimes make me fall flat on my face. See, I think everyone should be this way, but that’s limiting others and most of all, me.

It would help me a great deal to think in the abstract and not let other people and events wreck chaos in what I want to be a peaceful world. This left brain activity is circumvented by the way my brain is so attuned to emotion. The right brain is no lesser than the left brain, but effective communication between the two is what I am striving for – for balance.

My goal is still to create change. Not just human interaction, but to help people be their best selves. To find work they love and that is meaningful. I offer my skill in tips about resumes and interviewing. I have 17 years of experience in the corporate environment, working for small, family-owned business to large corporations such as Peabody, mostly as an Administrative Assistant. Though I’ve worked in sales, marketing, Human Resources, Accounting and other areas of businesses. I’ve been given great opportunities to be creative in my work trajectory and feel very lucky to have been awarded such important projects.

I’ve been on hundreds of interviews, in various styles and I’ve read many books about interviewing. I’ve also taken courses on resume writing, have a repertoire of key action words that are proven useful, in addition to a B.S. in Communications and Journalism from Washington University. And I am a published author and experienced reporter. I realize there is so much out there about resume, cover letter writing and interviewing. I was offering this service, but have elected to put this aside. I still wouldn’t mind helping anyone on anything related to the employment process! Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you have and I’m happy to assist – no charge!

I’m here to help you be your best self in offering up the latest, researched and personal expertise in beauty and skincare; fashion; nutrition and fitness; along with some psychology insight – all with an intended anecdotal approach to personalize my posts! I have spent a lifetime on these subjects. (With hair incidentally being an exception. So now I’m on that journey).

I hope you enjoy reading as my intention is for you. Thanks for all of you who have shared, liked and commented so far! I’ve truly enjoyed this experience and have met some of the most insightful and inspiring people along the way – those who seem to have it all figured out and those who still very thoughtful and curious about life, like me. (Not to say, those with more insight are not a result of their hard work, foresight and diligence, and certainly not to imply that they act pretentious or aren’t still learning themselves.)

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