Getting Closer to the Look

End of night, kinda tired. But got new cut showing my new stylist the picture above. Always trying new things with styling it to mimic the look. Today I shampooed and conditioned using the conditioner provided with the L’Oreal Hair Dye in Darkest Brown to help retain color. FYI: Dying Your Hair Darker Opt for your lighter choice as it always appears darker once applied. May need some refreshing at the roots. (I wash everyday…I know, I’m probably alone on this one.) I added some leave-in – while in shower – just some cheap Sauve. Got it cuz it was made with honey and at one point if anything had honey in it, I bought it likely. Wrapped in microfiber towel and let it dry too much. Had to spritz with water and added my new favorite curl gel. Got it at Sally Beauty Supply. It’s called The Mane Choice Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel. Wasn’t sure about sticking my fingers in the tub of purple-tinted goo, but hey it works and doesn’t smell that much. Then after raking through my hair, I scrunched it. Had to leave like that still wet because my Uber had arrived. Later I added tons of my new favorite product – Dry Texturizing Spray. This time I used Hask Hawaiian Sea Salt brand. I just purchased Living Proof’s brand so trying that tomorrow. My stylist actually used a blow dryer on my hair after she applied some Bed Head product (not sure what it was) and no diffuser. So, when I have the time, I’m actually using a blow dryer, which is great since it’s practically Winter here in St. Louis. And it’s a great way to add volume so super happy…win, win!!!!

But alas, I must say, I’m still not satisfied. I think I may need to get a little more length cut off around the sides and my bangs. I think this look is much better than the vampy look I was trying to go after at first. I attempted, after dying darker, to style it like that and with my curl, I could never achieve the rather straight, piecieness of it so I found something better! 

I don’t know still thinking I’d love to do makeup artistry on the side. Here I’m wearing Huda Beauty Obsessions palette in Coral. I really noticed it washed me out and was surprised. I thought such a bold look on the eye would call for subtle makeup and yes, I don’t want to look like a clown, but I like the pop of a cherry red lip gloss or like the picture below, Nars Velvet Pencil in Cruletta, which I’ve somehow lost in the last half hour!

Here’s the version with a lighter pink color. I guess I like both. But the whole face needs to be re-thought. Most people liked the red version best. 

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