Working With Curls and Brows And Pairing It All Down (For the most part)

I’ve been fairly obsessed with trying to rejuvenate my curls. I guess I’m going through a body chemistry change or something because my hair is not at all like it used to be. It had so much volume and curls, curls, curls. And naturally, I fought my hair texture. But now, I’m using every combination of products (so I don’t spend even more) that I already own to revive my volume and curl. Also, I’m obsessed with brows. I have about 12 different products for eyebrows. Gels, powders, pomades and a clear gel. One apparently got lost in all this and I found it today. It’s Rimmel’s Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel in Medium Brown. I’m wearing it here along with the best lipliner ever – Kat Von D Everlasting lip liner in Lolita (great book, too.) It is the self-sharpening kind and not dry at all. I highly recommend! 

So back to the brows. Well, I did wipe a little excess on the brush off on the top of the tube. But what I really like about it is that 1. It is a good color fit – not too dark, not too light. 2. It’s consistency is like that of a powdery gel – so you get the benefits of both – filling in sparse areas and molding the shape. 

Yesterday was a disaster hair day for me – the total wrong combination ended up in a tacky, weighed down mess. So today, I tried yet another approach.

After shampooing with Fredric Fekkai’s Apple Cider Shampoo, which is said to really cleanse the hair and remove product, as I wanted to get all the stuff from yesterday (and prior days) out. Then I just grabbed a conditioner for colored hair, OGX’s Orchid Oil Conditioner. (I will say this brand is great. Everything I’ve tried from them, I’ve liked and you can get it at the drugstore pretty cheap). I applied only to the mid-shaft and ends and rinsed it completely out.

Then on to the styling products. I applied a dime-sized amount of Regis Designline Defrizz Spray. It was just shooting out as a spray, so I just poured it in my palm and worked through the ends. Then I applied Matrix Biolage Blue Agave Control Gel, about a quarter-sized amount, and worked through hair from roots to ends. Added a dime-sized extra to the ends and back at the lowest part on my neck. I let this dry for 10 minutes after scrunching. Then because I wanted more volume, I applied a golf ball-sized amount of Tresemme 24 hour Body Mouse with Collagen to my roots, scrunching that in too. I then blow dried a little all over, focusing on lifting my roots and drying them and also the back neck area, I want that flat. And after all this, my curls were not developed enough for me. So I mixed a nickel-sized amount of the Matrix gel with a pea-sized amount of the Regis Anti-Frizz Spray. Mixing together in my hands I scrunched this into my hair. It totally helped to revitalized my curl pattern. 

I have major problems with my bangs staying in place so I lightly pulled them up and over and held with a bobby pin to dry for awhile. I just couldn’t help myself, I had to add yet another product, especially due to my unruly bangs. So I lightly misted my hair with Sebastian Professional Ultra Shaping Plus Finish Spray after it had dried. 

Me with Rimmel brows, Kat Von D lipliner (oh and treStiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Nammos Pink) and all the hair stuff.

The great thing is that all these products, especially the hair spray are not leaving behind an unpleasant scent. I like some scent, but currently – even my Morracanoil Curl Cream bothers my nose. And a lot of people buy Morracanoil products and love them, especially the smell! I’ve never had much success with the brand. 

I feel this is way too many things to do to one’s hair to be satisfied enough to just stop touching it already! I just don’t want to accumulate more as depicted on my post, “Am I A Hoarder.” I’m not really a hoarder, I’ve been to houses of hoarders and there is literally no space to even walk. Decorations for every single holiday litter every available surface. This is hoarding.

So anyway, I felt compelled to share a little bit about working with curls and a little bit about a brow obsession that I have.

I would love to know what you use for your hair when you want texture and volume, and what you have found that you can’t live without for your brows. This is my attempt to figure out what works – and keep it to maybe two products for my hair and two for my brows. I’ll admit to using three for my brows before, but that is just silly, in my opinion. I can see adding a clear brow gel at the end of something else, but that’s it. My favorite clear brow gel is by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I’m practically out. So when I product gets used up, I know it’s a keeper and I’d repurchase. 

The reason for all this accumulation is because I wasn’t satisfied with the product for one reason or another. And my objective is to simplify not only my hair routine, but the eyebrow thing as well. And while I’m at it, a basic routine for foundation/BB/CC cream, concealer and powder! The rest I’ll allow myself to play around. Honestly tho, the whole “baking” your face thing? Silly, in my opinion. What do you guys do? 

I digress, back to the hair of current concern. I can’t say I don’t have more curl products sitting in a shopping bag online currently because I do. I just can’t place the order, yet. And I think I got a really good thing going with the Rimmel Brow Gel, yet hate to give up on my Medium Brown shade of Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. I even bought the double-ended brush and watched a video on how to use it!

Seriously though, I’ve got to sort and get rid of the “junk.” Products have a shelf-life, too so honestly it’s in my best interest to just throw it out already! Like today, I tested a shade of Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation and it wasn’t a great match and didn’t blend well into my skin. It’s getting tossed. Just to see, I put my Dior Hydra Life Broad Spectrum SPF 30 BB Cream in Beige Lumiere next to it and it was a perfect match and blended very nicely into my skin. I didn’t bother to add any links this time because I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all because I’m constantly learning. That’s what this whole post is about. (I was going to link just this one product of Dior’s to check it out at Sephora, but it comes in only three shades and they’re sold out in two). Maybe I will finally actually use some of the makeup I have accumulated and toss the old losers in the trash can!

I want to be like my mom and have a routine that I know and trust. Since before I was born, she has always used hot rollers on her hair! Every single day. And it works for her. She has maybe one eyeliner and I know one go to Revlon foundation so this is my goal. To simplify. 

On the other hand, of course it’s fun to play with products. I love to! But I keep adding and adding and I feel bad. I know my tagline reads “What We Cannot Live Without…,” yet in all honesty, I justify this statement because I get enjoyment of out trying and talking about products and fashion when I know I’ve come across some really great stuff! I’m passionate about discovering and learning from others, too! And I love quotes. I love them especially by Thoreau. But we cannot take ourselves to seriously when reading.

I certainly hope my approach helps others! I know I read reviews on products before I buy so I try to take the mystery out of purchasing in a way. And we all need nutrition so I post on that, along with healthy-er recipes. Also, I’m passionate about mental health and I talk about that. That is some of the most read stuff I share. I have even more ideas to come. Like talking about amazing women doing amazing things! I am grateful for the people that have followed me and have liked what I have written. Reading their stuff often rings so true to me as well it’s amazing!

Before I changed the theme on this site, I had my favorite quote on the front page (it disappeared when I changed themes as did other things.) Has anyone else ran into this problem? Anyway, if it weren’t for my curiosity and sincere desire to help others, and if I was my “perfect” self, I would try to live this way. Here it is again, in all it’s glory and simplicity:

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