Before I say anything else, it is not my intention to leave out anyone based on skin color, I’m sure you know what works best for you. I have paler olive skin, medium brown hair and green eyes. This is just a general process I would do for work, say. I am a makeup junkie, so I’ve sampled many products and have a monthly beauty box subscription to find the newest and latest, and it’s just plain fun!

Before I do anything with makeup, I check out my skin, eyebrows, hair, etc. and this kinda determines the beginning of my routine.

If I wear makeup, these are the steps I will follow for a complete look:

First, I gently cleanse my skin with micellar water or a face wash

Second, I relax with a sometimes refrigerated mask or undereye patches in the morning to perk me up. I really like Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Hydra-Gel Eye Patches because you can refrigerate those, too. I purchased mine at Beauty Brands for $48, but it’s quick to rack up points and receive a 10% off coupon towards your next entire purchase


Best price online at Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, $30.49/qty. 30

Third, I moisturize with either a moisturizer/primer combo or a moisturizer followed by a primer (I wouldn’t go cheap on selecting a primer, especially if you find your makeup slips off in about 5 hours, like me.) There is a primer by Becca called Velvet Blurring Primer Perfecting Base that is slightly tinted and just sort of gives your skin a little bit of even tone. It also immediately reduces shine (another sample courtesy of Sephora.) Becca actually offers many choices in primers, depending on what your looking for

Fourth, I do my eyebrows. I’m liking Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade. It comes with a wand with a spoolie at one end and an angled pretty stiff brush at the other. You can spritz your spoolie at the end with some hairspray and go over your brows, but clean spoolie afterwards. Eleven color options, including two that tend toward Auburn, are available. This pomade will last you forever and the price is amazing. I always watch the videos on Sephora’s website, if the product comes with one, as this does, so I suggest it. Shown in Ash Brown. You can manipulate this creamy, thick formula well, but placing a little concealer right above your done brows will make them look even sharper

IMG_8234 (1)

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, $18

Fifth, I apply eyeshadow primer to my lids and rub a little under bottom lashes, curl my lashes (occasionally) and apply mascara to top and very lightly to bottom lashes. I always run my finger back and forth across the tips of my bottom lashes, as I don’t like them accentuated too much

Sixth, I apply eyeshadow and follow the basics there – base color, a shimmery color over base in center of eyelid upward, a darker shade on my crease, patting some in the corner and about 2/3rd’s of the way above lashes. Blend well after each color application – apply, blend, wipe off brush and blend more Finally highlighting my brow bone with a pale color completes the look. Very basic, I know

Seventh, I would contour and use a undereye gel with a tint. Countour along hollows of cheek, below cheek bone and blend downward; sides of forehead, blending toward center next to hairline, jaw line, down sides of the nose and downward from the bottom of the outside of your lips to chin. For the undereye, I use Per-fekt eye perfection gel in Refreshed sparingly and blend well with ring finger. For contouring, I like Fenty by Rhianna’s Matchsticks in Mocha, Trippin and Bamboo. (I have a lighter olive complexion.) The line has four color combos. One lighter and two darker than shown. (I contour with Mocha and I find the stick and creamy formula really make for precise application and blending) I sometimes use all three, but read on to find out my go to’s for cheek color and highlighting


Fenty by Rhianna Matchstix Trio, $54

Eighth, I would apply foundation using a brush or a well-dampened sponge (sponges do soak up A LOT of product, tho. I apply liquid formulas to the back of my hand, mineral powders with a brush and sticks directly to my face. I start at the bottom of my nose (where I tend to have redness there) and work outward and I make sure to really blend, sometimes, I even use my fingers to blend in a heavier foundation. Don’t forget to get the underneath of your nose!

Ninth, I apply my highlighter. I splurged on Marc Jacobs Coconut Oil Dew Drops. I apply down center of nose, center of forehead, top part of cheekbones, middle of chin and above cupid’s bow

Eighth step is powder, if I’m going to use a powder blush; otherwise, a gel, liquid or cream blush is next. I have oilier skin so finishing powder is a must. I received a sample of Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Foundation SPF 30, and I like it for the SPF. It blends nicely. The color is not specified so I guess it’s universal? I’ll look into this….

Tenth step is powder blush swiped where the sun naturally hits your face on cheeks, sides of forehead and top of nose, blend well. Less is more for an everyday look. I really found a neat drugstore powder blush palette called Infallible Paints by L’Oreal. Four gorgeous shades of peach and pink tones that go on fairly sheer

IMG_8194 (1)

L’Oreal Infallible Paints Blush Palette, $6.50

Eleventh, I apply balm and really blend it in. Next, I line my lips with really any nude lip liner and I actually play with different formulas for lip color: creams, tints, powders, mattes, gloss and another other formulas I’m forgetting ATM are my go-tos. There is tons of information about prepping lips and application of lip color out there so I won’t elaborate. Except one thing, if you don’t overdo it, a good exfoliation of your lips every now and then with some yummy falvored lip scrub, followed by a balm, will make applying your color easier and plump up your lips. Ilia offers a Tinted Lip Conditioner in many shades that provides sheer color, sort of like a stain so I recommend trying out the brand if you haven’t already – Arabian Knights is a cool dark berry tone. The price for one is $28. I also love a good poppy-colored lipstick for my skin tone. I found a matte Wet n’ Wild Mega Last one, called Purty Parsinnamon at the drugstore for around $4

Another trial product I got through Allure’s Beauty Box Subscription, $10 for your first box and $15 every month thereafter, is Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – a glorified balm. I use it throughout the day. The samples of makeup are usually full-size, shampoos and items like moisturizers and masks are enough for multiple uses, and there is an fun array of goodies in each box. For September, included was a pair of falsies and adhesive glue. (Something I’ve never tried). If you haven’t already signed up for many of the beauty box offerings out there, I suggest giving it a try. Check it out at Allure’s Beauty Box Subscription, $15/month

Twelfth and final step, I spritz my face with a setting spray. I’ve been using Supergoop Setting Mist SPF 50. It smells really good and is very refreshing! So now I feel better because I’m finally wearing some sunscreen anyway

I don’t often wear makeup tho (suprise!) usually just lip balm and maybe some lip color. If I wear a darker lipstick, I usually at least do my eyebrows, too for a more balanced look.

I hope you find this filled with maybe a little somethhing you didn’t already know!

If you haven’t noticed already, I never mentioned eyeliner. I know a lot of women who wear it everyday, but honestly if I wear it a need to wear a lighter shade – black is just too hard, with the exception of very carefully applying the thinnest layer possible inbetween my lashes on top and bottom; otherwise, my eyes will appear more round and smaller, which I don’t like! If I don’t use any eyeliner, I typically blend my darkest shade of shadow on top lashes like I described above and smudge some under my eyes with a small brush

I know I haven’t mentioned anything close to alternative uses for lipstick, such as shadow, etc. I personally haven’t tried that. And I don’t use many home remedies for skin care either. Just a personal preference, I’ve tried some, but really not a fan

I’d love to hear your routinue and any comments, suggestions or whatever comes to mind!

With love,


IMG_8249 (2)
Makeup free. Reconsidering that once in awhile makeup thing! Still in just about the ugliest robe ever. I actually hate robes with the exception of ones that you would wear out – long, belted and dark floral!



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