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Practically everyone I know and meet has told me to write, either in one form or another so here it goes. I hope I can continue with practical insight into writing well on topics like makeup, fashion, nutrition, psych stuff and mostly, finding comradeship in communication. Because really, everything comes down to communication. I’ve been told that body language speaks more to people than words do, however, I hope to inspire communication with others through the written word.

I am 37 years old, never married, no children. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2010 with a B.S. in Communications & Journalism. I also received my Medical Assisting license in 2016. 

That brings me to another point about communication. Was I the only one told – and have lived through this – that daughters never listen to their mothers. Well, in most cases I should have. She told me at a young age to go to college out of high school – don’t do night school! And guess what? I attended night school for 8 years because I paid my own way, working at various jobs. And I started off very slow. Mostly, I found fulfillment in academia and the corporate world – it has certainly led me to where I am today. In my special place, writing and creating. And there will most certainly be the occasional complaint – I’m notorious for being analytical of things, especially myself. Something I hope to change or “manage.” My long-time therapist told me about the Observer Self and the Feeling Self. My right brain dwells in the feeling self. But there is always hope, yet that word – hope – seems so weak. See, I’m judgmental. A lot of people use the word hope. I bet you have a time or two. Well here is to hopeful belief in hope. That writing, communication, is so important for self-expression it’s worth it. Who doesn’t want to be heard? I’m tired of living life like a mute. Never sticking up for myself, yet always wondering why I never got respect. So this is what it’s all about. A time to share myself with anyone who finds what I have to say interesting. I haven’t traveled the world, I’m not wealthy, but I think I have learned a thing or two and that I am a person of many interests. I haven’t had the easiest way to go. No pity wanted. Just truth. But more on complaining about that later. There. I said enough. Except I hope the intrinsic reward still resonates superior to any exterior acclaim I may be fortunate to receive from this journey. Till later!








2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. From my personal perspective: keep going and don’t give up ever. Those end last in the race are better still than those who don’t join the race at all.

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    1. Thank you for that. Sorry for the late reply. Priceless information for someone who like me has been described as not afraid of failure, but fear of success!


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