Happiness Again

You may like me be a little tired of all the articles trying to tell you how to get happy. And here I am adding my two cents. Isn’t it such a laudable goal? Well yes it seems that now more than ever we are in search of this elusive state of mind. Fist of all, and I hated this upon hearing it but, odds are you won’t be happy all the time. Get it. Ok. No one is alone in this. Even someone who you think is happy ALL OF THE TIME I bet if they were honest they would tell you they are not.

Second thing to keep in mind is that the happiest people choose wisely as to how to reap the most benefits from social interaction because they choose things such as spending time with family and friends, doing meaningful work and finding joy in nature and the small things.

Third, smile why don’t ya. I often used this as a trick while running. Yes I smiled while running. It tricks your brain into thinking you are happy. Smiling is also contagious. Smile even when you don’t feel like it and it will spread onto others and thereby create a positive situation and have the result of actually making you genuinely happy.

Take time to do some introspection and find things that you like about yourself. Attach them to your mirror if you wish for a reminder.

Take a break from reading anything and everything about happiness. This is truly my own take (besides the smiling while your doing said activity.) I’m sure it’s valid for at least one of you out there. Ya know too much of a good thing isn’t so all that good.

Just my two cents. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that exercise thing. Well you already know don’t you 🙂

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