Funny How Things Go Part II

I couldn’t relax last night. I finally passed out, but don’t remember when. I told myself I would wait until the morning to check my phone in regards to the mystery conversation I may or may not of had.

Well to my disbelief there is an outbound call to the man who claimed I spoke with him on March 14, 2019 at 6:32 a.m. My parents even remember hearing me talking to someone at this time. Whoa! All the evidence says that I spoke with this man, however, I have no memory of doing so.

This to me is alarming. No wonder he says I am a psycho. I still don’t believe I ever talked to him or anyone. But he knew information that he really has no way of knowing – the advertisement for something I’m selling on two web sites and the migraine.

Could I possibly be incorrect? Like I said he called me last night and I don’t recognize the voice. This mental lapse has got me concerned – no scared, actually. I am going to consult a doctor on Monday.

I wish I could say for sure what really happened. I wish I knew the truth. But I don’t. The evidence says I did talk to him, but my mind cannot reason with this.

I’m not apologizing to the man or anything. He doesn’t deserve anything more from me and I’m still hanging on to the fact that I could not of done this. I mean I don’t remember at all!

I’m not going to overthink this. Just chock it up to something else I cannot understand. Of course, the scientist in me is dying to KNOW the truth, but sometimes we have to just let go. Funny how things go….

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