A Poetry Piece

My life is frittered away in each passing day

I know better than this I swear

I question everything yet end up in dismay

Everything I break down is something I wear

Your life is told through the eyes

Everyone says the don’t lie

My wasting of time is not my itention

I feel good for a moment in things I can buy

I will never tell a soul the things I do mention

Beauty is what beauty does

Oh how I wish I could cover the scars

The eyes never lie or so they say

I have search both near and far

For the answers that evade me to this very day

I talk way to much I should shut up and listen

My very goal was to be quiet

But unexpressed emotions become bigger

I should know this as part of the diet

I once thought I could be pure

Uneducated is what it means to be a nigger

Such a terrible word, yet I am one

Despite the color of my skin or where I came from

This is not the end, I am not done.

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