Hair Goals

The not so perfect, yet flawless hair goal:

A little messy. A little frizz. Impeccable. I think I hate my highlights too much and am doing damage repair and going back to deep brown. I’ve already assessed my hair for the day. I managed to save that cap that I told you all to toss! You know, the one from the poor highlighting kit? Oops. Save it, should you run into one. I reached for my only good mask I own by Bella Curls and read up on the directions one more time. And I came across something perfect I hope!

Directions for even deeper conditioning included the mask of course, a plastic cap and a hairdryer. I shampooed out my products from yesterday using a gentle shampoo with coconut oil. Dried it a bit in my new turban. Applied a generous scoopful of the hair mask cream. Then applied heat to covered hair for 15 to 20 minutes with a blow dryer, off and on. (And I said I was giving up heat, too). Shame on me! For this purpose, heat allows the product to penetrate deeper. I didn’t run the dryer over my head the entire time like I said, but decently heated it up and the cap held in heat for a few minutes as well. I have high hopes! Something else I’m deeply afraid of: flatirons. Simply cannot do it myself. Either it’s not heating up enough or I’m just incapable of getting the smooth look that I get at the salon, on my own. Anyway, yesterday I came across an article and a video demonstration of how to properly curl your hair with a flat iron.

So all you straight-haired women out there – this is for you! And even though, I talk a lot about curly hair just because mine is, hair care advice here is still applicable. Like this video I found below.

The video was way better than all the wordy description of how to do it. Should I feel the need to pull IT out, I’m trying this method. But you say, you already have curls. Yes, but these are more like waves. Just very pretty. So again, if you feel a little left out because I yak about curls, I haven’t forgotten about you lucky women who have long, silky straight hair. I’ve always envied you. So I’ve hunted down this video to share just in case you find yourself wondering how to do this popular look without confusion or burns.

Sorry I had to correct myself on a couple of the “no’s” I thought I would honestly give up – or at least that was the advice I found from curly women on a mission out there!. Had no idea I’d run into this situation as I was searching for a solution to obvious dryness. I’m telling you, you’ve got to assess your beauty requirements daily. Or at least I do. Do you?

The weather, which varies dramatically here in MO, may have something to do with switching up my routine on a regular. And really it all begins in the shower. Your shampoo, especially, and conditioner set the foundation for your products. And it’s hard to pick out what out there personally you should pay attention to. Obviously, there is an insane amount of opinions out there! I hope to break through the confusion with tips and advice that really works for whichever kind of hair you rock. So personally, I know that climate and humidity levels effect your hair, depending on porosity – high (less reactive to moisture – medium – slightly reactive to moisture and low – very reactive to moisture in the air.) Curly hair is especially prone to react to moisture in the air. And I have been doing more toning and that is a little drying. So here’s to hair goals 12/23/2018!

Also, my skin is parched and that hot feeling has returned. I applied three different types of clay skin masks – stuck in freezer for a few and applied one to my T-zone, one to my undereye area and one to my cheeks, as per the directions. The combination of scents was not too pleasant and the undereye mask was not my typical eye gel mask, and it stung just a little. But overall, it managed to relieve some of the heat. After, yes I’m really getting creative, I opened a Vitamin E gel capsule and applied the serum directly to my face. It was quite thick, but has helped in a pinch.

No doubt it’s a subject I can’t get around. The attainment of hair AND skin goals. It is a journey. Thanks for being by my side!

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