Extra-Ordinary Women Who Married Princes

One morning when I woke up recently, my mind got to thinking about Kate Middleton. I thought about what entering into the royal family and being married to a prince was like for her. She was just a “commoner” before she and Prince William met in college. I wonder how she adjusted to what have to be very strick rules of behavior. I thought if I could do something like that myself. I think it is very brave, or maybe she is very in love that helped her morph into a Duchess. I wondered if she wrote an autobiography yet. I really enjoy those. My search on Amazon shows me she has not, yet anyway. But there is approximately 62 books dedicated to her and her marriage to Prince William. There are also magazines dedicated to them, as well as several adult coloring books of Duchess Kate.

Her fashion choices have always been fan fare for the media. But strict rules apply. Unlike her sister-in-law, Meghan Markel, she obeys them. I can’t imagine what other “rules” she lives by. Was the transition hard for her? The closest I’ve come is when I got accepted into a Catholic parochial school for girls, St. Joseph’s Academy. I was one of only three girls selected from a public school background into this prestigious school that year. Naturally, I was an outcast and hung out with other outcasts – they had come from private schools, but nonetheless, they were outcasts. One time, a nun spoke to me. And it was because of what I was wearing. I had officially broken rules when the day was a given “casual” day, meaning we could wear normal clothes and not the strict uniform. Well, I happened to dress casually, except I still wore my uniform skirt. She just told me it was inappropriate and I had broken the rules, but that was it. So I can only imagine what is going through Meghan Markle’s head when she breaks rule after rule with her outfits. Ten Times Meghan’s broke the royal family fashion rules. I’m running into difficulty – I apparently can’t add a link to the article. But if you wish it is from Glamour and the title is, “10 Times Meghan Markle Broke Royal Protocol With Her Fashion.” And you can’t pin any of the images either, as I attempted to capture #10. It was Princess Meghan wearing a green dress with a white coat on top. I was pinning it because I wanted to remember this combo. That wasn’t what broke the rules about the outfit, but I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Kate and Meghan have obvious differing temperaments of adjusting to life as a royal. So what is going through Meghan’s head, and why is she so obstinate about following “rules,” while Kate never has missed a beat. I know Kate’s been in this longer, but she’s always been beholden to respect the duties of being a royal. I wonder if the tolerance of Meghan’s fashion choices will continue with other rules of engagement besides dressing. Looking for Kate’s autobiography, I came across quite a few books dedicated to Meghan. No autobiography from her either. I guess I have an assortment of books to choose from if I want to try to get into the minds of these two, now powerful women. I can’t say much more about either. I don’t know, except Kate got drunk and danced on tables when William broke up with her once. She also modeled for a friend in some very revealing clothing while in college.

But that was Kate before she became a princess bride. Meghan’s antics with fashion may extend even beyond that. I guess I have some reading to do if I want to know, from a third-party perspective, unfortunately. Maybe one day one of them will write what it was like to go from being “common” to royalty in a single day.

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