Destined To Wear It Short

Well, I’ve been messing around on the computer, trying to remember the salon that said on their web site that as part of the consultation, they assess your face shape and go from their with a cut and style. I usually bring in a picture and ask for that exact same thing. It never ends up the same.

Just worth noting because I’m unsure what category I fit in. I’ve been told I look like three of these women here at different points and hairstyles in my life. Jennifer Aniston was a big one and ongoing from coworkers, Blake Lively combined with Gwen Stefani (love her) at my sister’s wedding and Sarah Jessica Parker at a concert.

And this is for you men out there that are following me and those yet to follow me (Thank you)! Don’t mean to not include you so much.

Do you men out there abide by such “rules”? What our your thoughts on hair – for women and men alike? I know it’s what’s inside that counts to you all, right? Curls don’t mean she’s wild, do they? Do you prefer long, luxurious locks? Do you ever tell her she needs to stop using that “stuff” in her hair because it tastes bad? Or do you find her heart more beautiful and more important than anything else!? I’d love to hear from you!

To my credit of writing about my hair journey so much, I did read on Vakkar’s site, a salon not too far from me in Clayton, Missouri, that hair is part of your identity! Yes, that’s their business, but they seem like good people with the right intentions. Whew! I don’t feel so bad for my ongoing obsession with my own! And another little thing I learned. I’m destined to have short hair. God, I wish it weren’t true, but it’s thinning and I have a heart shaped face, or maybe just oval, or even long. I hope oval or long to heart – there’s so many more options! So going with the idea my face is heart-shaped, an even shorter cut is suggested for me. Like Halle Berry’s pixie cut. It won’t just go with the chin I’ve got (pointed) and forehead (small) to go along with it, it will make my hair that is disappearing seem fuller! This is totally disgusting and a little off topic, but I have to say it. The grossest house-keeping job of all times is pulling your hair that has sadly fallen out and that is a soapy, tacky mess, out of the drain. Are you with me? Grossest thing. Ever. To do.

Should I book a visit to the salon? I mean it’s that time of year your seeing people you don’t always get to see! Well, I’ll see about that. I will not have a shaved neck, however. My mom would kill me! Here’s another link about face shape and some more good, fun stuff about hair. Find the Perfect Cut For Your Face. 

Too confining for you, I’m sorry. Wish I wasn’t desperate. I bought duckbill clips for gosh sake’s and a special towel after I shower for it. I pamper it and treat it well – no heat anymore and it hates me for it! So I’m destined to have short hair for the rest of my life, unless I part it differently?? Use duckbill clips the right way? Never wash it for like 13 days? Wear it up? I don’t know anymore…hence the internet searching.

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