Playing With Your Blush Is A Must

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – 22/05/2012 – Regina Krilow no backstage do desfile de Blue Man durante o Fashion Rio – Verao 2013. Foto : Andre Conti/ Agência Fotosite

I’m sorry, but I didn’t know this model. She reminds me of Gisele Bundchen. A model I adored for years and years for her impeccable way of taking pictures that were fascinating to me. She embodied every look imaginable. She was transformative to the upmost! But she claims she was, well as a model, she was acting. It never defined her as a person. I have her book, “Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life.” And it’s unfinished. It’s not that it is bad, I just tend to go from book to book. And she’s been talking about how she disciplines her children, and that’s a sore subject for me so that’s why I put it down. You’d never know, but she suffered from severe panic attacks. She got into yoga for this, rejecting Xanax and has been into ever since. She practices it with her three (one stepson) children. They think of their mum like a fashionable mother earth and she may be. Though her passive narcissism, if that’s a thing, is a little irritating. Like complaining that people at agencies talked about her physical attributes as “if she wasn’t even there.” But that’s what she signed up for. It had to be hell for someone like she seems to be on the inside. Private, delicate, yet a great actress as she claims. Thirty years in the business is quite an accomplishment. And before there was Kendall Jenner, she was the highest paid supermodel, worth 90 million, according to Forbes. I miss her in the magazines. In the book, she reveals that she hated her face! She said she always made sure she was “active” and expressive as to cover for her “small eyes” and “big nose.” She regrets her breast augmentation that she diligently tried to hide. But those sandeled feet gave her hijab away. I don’t blame her in this aspect. I regret my cosmetic surgery on my nose every single day. The nurse allowed the operation to go forward even when I told her I had taken an Advil the day before (I had forgotten this was a big no no.) I almost bled to death and died getting my nose “fixed.” Well, the recovery process sucked and he ruined the shape of my nose and nostrils. It still bothers me and I will probably someday, get it corrected.

Is Regina Krilow naturally this beautiful? Is she unapologetically, knowing her beauty, which caused me to put up her picture? Who knows how she feels. She is so mesmerizing in this photo tho, and what stands out to me is her blush. I love blush. It was my first product, well it was lipstick, but I used it as blush and eyeshadow and well, lipstick, too. But mainly as blush. The same color. Here we see a striking coral – if you can call it that – it’s pretty orange. And applied like we are told to. On the apple in a diagonal line relevant to the corner of the mouth and outer corner of eye. Sort of in a triangle. (She has obvious contouring, but not with blush either. I do it cuz in a pinch it really works.) And speaking of blush. That’s what I’m here to talk about. Blush doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore, especially following one of two application processes, using two products in close shade of each other.

Regina is wearing very neutral eye color and perhaps meant to be, is what strikes my eye at least, the statement here is on the blush. That’s why the color hinting at orange on her cheekbones works with the rather neutral face. But, it would work otherwise as well. I mean I had to do what I had to do when I realized my makeup bag didn’t contain any eyeshadow of any sort. My best alternative was blush. The same L’Oreal Blush Palette in Shade 230. I used the lightest shade (the first one from left) as my base and contoured with a deeper shade, in the same family – the third one from the left. Using my very favorite, may I say luxurious Sephora Double-Ended Shadow and Crease Brush, #205, $16.

Sifting and sorting all my cosmetics has gleaned me FIVE examples of using a cream or tint and a powder blush combination for lasting impact. But I’m just going to show one because I think you get the idea of how to match colors, am I right? Right.

Here is Stila’s Water Color Blush in Water Poppy. You only need a tiny amount.

Stila Water Color Blush

and Loreal’s Infallible Paints Blush Palette 230 in Shade 2 from the left on my cheeks, temples and nose.

L’Oreal Infallible Paints Blush Palette

Actually this post contains a few tricks. Just wait. In this picture I’m wearing the above-mentioned combination. First I applied the Water Color Blush. Not only to my cheeks (remember the area that the sun hits you.) “The Natural Look” can we say?

The “Natural Look”

I blended upwardly and outwardly. Next a dab on the nose about 2/3rd s the way down. And to my temples. Next I swirled directly on top the shade 2 in the L’Oreal palette, a rich coral. The look has longevity my friends and it’s diffused, isn’t it? For a brighter burst of color, switch it up. Apply powder then the cream or tint. I’ve got to try that out still!

Your wrist, yes your wrist carries the undertones of your skin so testing your shades for blush here is just fine. (Foundation should be tested in natural light along the jawbone for perfect color matching.)

Here is Water Poppy and L’Oreal’s rich coral below on my wrist.

You might even say Regina is wearing this combo perhaps? Probably not, but okay. (And if I must say something else about this beautiful face. I can’t take a decent selfie worth my life with my eyes closed. I just can’t.

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