Notable DIY Highlighting Tweaks

Ok so I’ve un-joined the Facebook group for curly hair for now. Two days ago, I highlighted it with L’Oreal Frost and Design in H85 Champagne, and was not happy with my painstaking effort of application afterwards. I had someone grab me some highlighting kit and I should have picked one out – specifically for brown hair – but oh well now. Yet, with some added effort and tweaking it’s much, much better. Here’s what I did.

I thoroughly mixed the powder and two creams from the kit with the spatula. About four to five minutes. I had a bowl from Sally Beauty Supply that I had saved, which is exactly like the mixing bowls they use in salons – instead of using the little tray that comes with the kit. (I threw it away! Darn, I wanted to show you.) I did a strand test. Waited 30 minutes and it needed longer so 15 more. I wiped off the color of this strand at the end of the additional 15 minutes. (I supposed I should have rinsed it thoroughly and dried it because I probably would have kept this highlighter color on longer.) Then I took half my hair and tied it on top of my head. I applied color to the underneath and then the top. I applied with a spoolie from another kit, making sure to get on top of the piece and underneath as well. (A toothbrush or stiff paint brush would work just as well.) I used un-gloved fingers to massage in the color, applying a little bit extra to the ends for a natural look. I took some advice and highlighted larger sections in the front and gradually smaller ones towards the back. My fingers were like raisins, but so much easier to apply highlights without those gloves! Oh, and this kit comes with a cap and pull-through device, uh uh, don’t use those!

I went over some pieces after I was satisfied with placement of highlights. I waited 45 minutes. Rinsed and then washed with accompanying shampoo. Applied a ridicoulous formula of toner that came with the kit. It was dripping everywhere. The box said to leave it in and not wash out so I followed the directions in this case.

I sprayed the last of my It’s a 10 keratin leave-in all over. And then applied some curl cream, just a little. I was cold so I blow dried it. It looked horrendous. My hair felt tacky and it looked like I had colored my whole head. I couldn’t believe the color – it truly was very orange. 

I was very upset, needless to say. I also intended to place highlights lower than I did and for whatever reason I applied about a quarter of an inch from the roots down instead. I thought it would come out much better. I was so dismayed I had to wash it again that day, as I intended to yet again try other products to style it and I had to get rid of the tackiness that I’m sure had to do with the toner.

Well, I went to bed with wet, unstyled hair. I had given up at this point.

Next day. Applied the rest of my Olaplex No. 3. (They now have newer versions – Olaplex) and left on for 20 minutes. Next applied a toner from Sally Beauty called Blonde Brilliance for cooler blondes 550150 (with coconut oil) and left on for said 5 minutes. Shampooed and conditioned with Nexxus shampoo and conditioner with protein. Then what to do? My hair is practically straight now. Just a week ago, it was curly so I’m really wondering what is up. Like seriously thinking something is wrong with me physically. Well, maybe you are thinking to yourself, oh no, it’s a mental problem. Well, maybe that too. 

Anyway, I was clueless what products to use and even if I should use any at all. So I resorted to Bumble and Bumble Air Dry It Styler and Bella Curls Replenishing Mist. I twisted large sections all over and sat there and waited. Well, I did other things but I just let it go for a moment and dry. Well, nothing gave me any hold. My hair has so much slip right now it’s ridiculous. The reason for the time-consuming (or wasting) of twisting was that horror last night of a whole head of orange. It helped and I think the toner from Sally Beauty did a great deal of good. I still can’t get over the dramatic change in texture, tho. Oh, I also have another toner from Sally Beauty, their Blonde Brilliance Toning Conditioner – love this stuff! It’s so blue! 

I really think my approach to highlighting was a thumbs up. I think my technique was well thought out. It was just a shock after it had dried. But it’s only hair. And I had color already in my hair with highlights as well. And really in all honesty, I hope you find my tricks useful if you plan to highlight your own hair. It just needed some tweaking and care the next day and for as long as I keep the highlights. And I know when it grows out a little, I’ll like it even better.

So here is my suggestions: 1) Mix your highlighter thoroughly till smooth. 2) Go ahead and take the time to do a strand test. 3) Invest a little change in a real mixing bowl. 4) Apply with a spoolie, tooth brush, paint brush or just your fingers. 5) Toss the gloves. 6) Keep a dampened towel next to you to wipe off highlighter product from fingers when you go to select your next piece. 6) Apply highlights much lower than a quarter inch from the root for more of a bayalage look. 7) Highlight underneath section, too. 8) Invest in a toner oh and, 9) Get your butt up and pick out your own kit. (Not having a vehicle is not an excuse, either….) I know my fitness dialogue could use a workout and so could my legs.

It wasn’t that my highlights weren’t spaced properly either, it was that my hair was a fuzzy, tacky mess at first. So the next day, when I took this pic, I was feeling better, but not great about it. Here is the results:

Day 2
Day 4

And my curl is coming back. Before it just had so much slip. And I know some people like this, but for me, my hair just responds to nothing.

After letting it rest for two days, no washing, no toning. I shampooed and conditioned with Blonde Brilliance Toning Conditioner from Sally Beauty. I applied Tresemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse with Collagen, $6.33 at Provide a email and save an additional 5%. As you can see somewhat in this picture that the toning is helping me achieve the honey-blonde highlights I was after.

Hope you find a bit of useful information if you like to save money and do your own coloring. Maybe you love your natural color. But I’m way beyond that. I’ve colored it too many times now. But I think I’m going to give it a rest in the department of coloring for sure! 

Day 4

An even better representation of the highlights on Day 4!

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