Am I Obsessed With French Style? Or Is It Really Like Looking In The Mirror?

I’ve lived off of fashion magazines for as long as I can remember. That’s where I first learned what an orgasm was. Anyway, I love the effortless style of two famous models – I always wanted to be one – and well speaking of hair – I was a hair model for awhile. I did have an invite for a Pepsi commercial because of my wild hair, but I went with my friend gambling instead. How. Stupid. Was. This?

Anyway first it was Kate Moss.

Shortest model in the 90’s (much later pictured here) at 5’6″, when average model is 5’10”, Kate Moss

I wanted to have her eyes – so wide apart and she just has a gorgeous look to her face, very young-looking and innocent. Before the selfie was even a word, I was taking pictures of myself. I totally invented the selfie, I swear to god, I mean I don’t know what’s going on with all the Facebook stuff (this is related) but I opened it and a video of my year had been created. It was actually a little creepy because of all the profile pic changes. My face was literally dancing around in different scenery over and over. I don’t think I’ll be sharing that one. Thanks Facebook.

Anyway Kate Moss was my favorite model in the 90’s. I mean who doesn’t know of her? And then I came across Vanessa Paradis. Funny, both women dated Johnny Depp. Vanessa married and had children with him, but they split, too. Yes, I thought Depp was very cute, and it’s also ironic that these two women resemble each other. It’s in the eyes. Relaxed. The eyes perfect for being photographed.

Gap-toothed Vanessa Paradis

Self-care wasn’t exactly something either of these women spent a lot of time thinking about. I don’t want to repeat bad information on these ladies, but it’s true. Actually, French women are just kinda catching up on the whole exercising thing. Must be good to know your so damn good-looking that you just need to drink champagne and smoke cigarettes.

These women have more than physical looks in common, obviously. Is it because they both are French? And what is my admiration (I’m not the only one) with being effortlessly chic? All this posting about my hair and I had never been this way, ever! I was a wash and go, bad hair, don’t care type of girl. I once got out of bed in the morning and couldn’t find a tie to tie up my hair so I used a pair of (clean) underwear to tie it up. I went to the gym like this! I think back and wonder who noticed, but no one said anything. Now that’s taking effortless to a whole new level.

So characteristically, French women don’t give a fuck, but do. It’s just done with a subtleness that is not characteristic of many women photographed today. And I guess it’s the age thing, but I feel like I can’t NOT care anymore. I was not born with a doe-eyed look about me. I have high cheekbones, but honestly have never been complimented on them. And I’m trim, kinda small bone wise so I have that in common with my girl loves. So how can I be more like these women? Well I’m going to do what they do. I mean I kinda already do. There femininity is not dependent on their breast size, eyebrows aren’t “created” and contouring is not it over there. And really, at heart, I am not like that either.

I realized more of the attitude, as I’ll call it, of a French woman: Trust that you got it going on, makes all the difference. And you know what? I’ll bet all those selfies I know you’re taking…you’ll look a hundred times better if you can learn to relax in front of the camera. How many times have I, well people say I do this, but I don’t realize it, make a fish face when taking a selfie? It’s not how I look they tell me. By the twelfth photograph, I’m taking bad pictures. I go back to the first and usually it’s the best of them all because I’m not as nervous as I’ve now become, hence, my face is more natural and relaxed. Is that why when you were a kid, they told you to say cheese? Still don’t know what the deal with that is….

Ok so I’m not all that photogenic. It’s something I’ve grown to accept. I never became a model like Kate Moss or Vanessa Paradis. (And my name isn’t as cool either). But the information comes to me and I already posted about French designers and fashion finds similar right here that were in my closet (not really, except for the chain belt – still so proud of myself for that one) so there’s an attraction or maybe it just resonates with me.

So do you find yourself led down a road in your take on how you “get ready” by someone else? I mean I’ve always admired models so they were always my inspiration. They came and went and I tried to see myself looking like them. But now know it’s taking a closer look at the attitude involved. 

Effort to be effortless-looking may confuse people, probably men especially. No offense. A couple things I’ve already told you about these women and French women in general apply, but I got a few more hints.

They approach skincare religiously so they don’t need as much makeup. And when they do, it’s a red lip or a glossy eyelid. It’s simple, yet perfect. It’s messy, yet sexy. They do the basics. Simplicity is key to life for them. Like drink lots of water, keep everything in moderation, get your hair trimmed regularly and gaze back at someone looking at you like yeah, I know I’m hot. 

I just commented on another woman’s post. It was beautiful. It was about finding anonymity among a crowd of people and the pleasure and pain she felt by it. She commented that her writing went in a direction unaware of her at the moment of writing. I don’t know about you, but I feel like that, too. I also feel a sense of relief, especially in writing this. I reminded myself of the laid-back, confident woman I was. Not the desperately searching for an identity individual I’ve become to a degree. Sometimes we get so far from ourselves, we don’t recognize what you used to have was just fine. It was good enough. Actually is was the real you. And that’s how I feel now. I’m rethinking my site and I’m restructuring my thinking as well. It’s just sort of happening and it’s pleasurable. 

And yes, I did alter my looks again – even more than expected. I prefer to do my own coloring sometimes so I highlighted again. My hair is even more straight now! And before all this epiphany and stuff, I ordered more products for curly hair – and I always hated the curl! I personally don’t want to be referred to as a Susie or Curly Sue anymore anyway so forget it! I’m abandoning my group on Facebook for curly girls – no one responds to me much anyway???

What does writing do for all you out there?

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