Cancel That Thought About Video. Attuned To You

I had a phone interview with a company that made animated videos for clients. The business was early in development and had about 12 employees. I was looking to join as an administrative assistant, eventually helping out with the video production. I of course, researched the business and found myself thinking how are these little tiny pieces of information captured in these less than two minute videos going to be the future of marketing. I thought about myself. How I like to consume information. And I certainly do watch videos on YouTube and other sites, but I’m a late adapter. I’m the type that would rather turn the pages of a real book than read it on a device. I’m an anti-technologist to some degree.

Well I was dead wrong. Seventy-three percent of the population is watching YouTube at a time. It is the second biggest search engine! My have I been living in a cell….it’s about to be my birthday and the years seem like a blur so I better get a grip and realize what’s going on here. I’m just marketing myself. And being an anti-technologist doesn’t mean I’m alone or that I’m still not consuming information basically the way every one else is. It’s just I thought it wasn’t enough to see an animated video of neckties and shirts being drawn on a screen and that was the content for a fashion company, developed by the video production company I interviewed with.

I knew I couldn’t fake enthusiasm for this position due to my disbelief that a company would build a product based on the future of video in marketing. But it is here and I find myself behind the curve.

But in some ways, my thoughts about social media consumption are right on. The consumer is the one to be swaddled and attended to in every way. Businesses have no way around this thanks to the creative, organic material people have used social media to grow their very own businesses. But it’s not and it can’t be all tech. It’s laughable to think a business can be entirely virtual. Am I right on this?

People don’t trust businesses, they trust other people. And people buy from people they like, people that get to know them on a personal level. So there has to be some balance. Tapping into human emotions is key for businesses today. They want to see the humans behind the scenes. Knowing that the love what they do, believe in what the offer and have fun doing it, too!

As more and more brands are committing to YouTube. YouTube is reaching to the organics, the people who are building a brand from the ground up. So it’s a good time to be an entrepreneur or other paying talent to have to offer to the world. What YouTube has done is created the Creator Insider, which helps people learn how to use video better and more effectively.

Instagram users are already gobbling up IGTV. Which I have yet to research about myself, but I know it’s there. The niche area is the jackpot. Hone in and deliver to a very specific audience. It’s no longer about quantity, it’s about quality. And as marketing always has played to this tune: people will pay more if they believe something is truly worth it. So make sure your content is worth it and don’t worry about only have 10 customers.

Video apps are growing due to the video demand and consumption. Some up-and-coming apps are byte by Twitter and TickTock by Instagram. Video creation apps are growing to assist the organics, not the huge businesses with huge marketing budgets. These apps are creating opportunity and that is a great thing to hear! Bitable, Typ’ito, Shakr, Blurbiz are a few. They offer templates as well.

But where I’m not completely wrong in all this video consumption is when it comes to breaches of trust and simply, not being all that good for your health. As I’m sure you know, the light emitted from these devices we all use can create anxiety. I know when it’s time to get away. Yet it calls to me, too. I want to engage. But you’ve got to know who you’re targeting, sincerely. First and foremost, secure trust. It never goes out of style. Be real. Be authentic. They will remember one thing about you that lasts…how you made them feel. And if you can touch on your audience in this way, you’ve got a chance.

It’s a mix of really common courtesy and respect. Being human. Even showing your flaws is okay as long as you are yourself and you care for your customer deeply. So if you’re a dried up old prune then you’re going to have to be awfully convincing to win over your target audience. And maybe that’s why the video company I inside myself criticized while interviewing with, was wrong. They insisted on eliminating real people in their videos. It was strictly animation. There maybe lies my intuition telling me something was amiss and I didn’t miss out on a fabulous position after all.

Well I know I’ve got my research to do. But maybe tomorrow. I’ve had this thing and my phone open all day.

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