The Starting Point For Hair Knowledge

Yet another informative video courtesy of Jannelle O’Shaughnessy Engels. I’ve realized I’m not alone at all in this journey to learn about my curls. And if anyone takes this mission seriously it is Jannelle. This video explains some “whats” and “what nots” and a little of the “why.” Possibly the best intro video if you find yourself seriously wanting to learn about your hair, stop wasting money and use products effectively. 

There is truly a community out there for people,  maybe like you, and certainly like me who would love some direction from those that have been there. Her face book page is Wavy and Curly and Coily Connect. Tell them where you are in your journey and join! 

Without spoiling, or stepping on her toes. Here is a few things you can do right away that will lead you in a direction. Determine your porosity type, that is how does your hair absorb moisture? This will guide you on product selection.

There is a link on this video to see that as well.

Here is one hair of mine, all the way sunk at the bottom – far right. Darn.

CURL PATTERN TYPE CHART Inspirational curly hair type char

Next, what is your curl type? You may have a combination of textures like me.

This doesn’t exclude those with even a slight bend or wave. Watch and learn! Hope you find it as cool as I did!

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2 thoughts on “The Starting Point For Hair Knowledge

  1. I always feel that natural hair is beautiful.. whether be curly or straight .. I try not to style my hair much.. this post is really interesting..thanks for sharing


  2. Thank you so much for your comment and compliment! I’m on a hair journey because as you are saying, I was one of the girls who never paid much attention to her hair. Your hair is lovely btw. I went from straight to super coily and now flat and lifeless…think I’m losing quite a bit too. Anyway, in an attempt to style, in essence I really want a “messy” look anyway lol…


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