YouTube Mishap That Happened To Be A Good Thing!

By far, the most informative video I’ve discovered for working with curls. Offered up by the fellow curly girl, Jannelle O’Shaughnessy Engels, I liked her approach to working with curls.

Obviously, I’m still in the “what” area. She clearly defines this. I like her video for so many reasons. One is that, it is very similar to my approach to skin care – without giving too much away – you simply evaluate your skin to determine what it needs daily. Quite different thought process I have when it comes to my curls. I’ve said it so many times. I want a go-to routine. She got me pretty convinced, I’m wrong.

According to Janelle, I should be taking inventory of what my hair needs on a daily basis, just like I already do with my skincare. Since I’m still very much in the “what” area, meaning what in the heck do I do, this video is only limited in that it shows a process of steps for her particular situation on this day. So I will be having to watch more to be really informed. And they, I call it the curl cult, keep telling me it’s a journey! Well it’s true. I really wish the video didn’t show the before and afters right away as I see it does now. I didn’t see this when I happened upon the video accidentally while watching yet another one from someone who is simply not of my ethnicity. No offense, just not relatable. Jannelle’s video just popped up somehow. It’s pretty nice when something good falls into your lap like that. Her honest representation of her hair at first kept me intrigued to see the final result. Sorry again that you get a glimpse of the after! But to see it live is even better and further, tho it may seem mundane at first because she’s talking a lot and not doing a lot, it’s her sincerity in taking the time to unravel some of the “why’s” in a daily routine. She makes a distinction between the two groups of “whats” and “whys.” Like I said, and exemplified, I am still in the “what” area. I hope those of you out there struggling with your curls or waves or really any texture, find this video helpful and unique as much as I did. So without further ado, listen up!

And honestly, I’m having an off day. Meaning I am tired and I haven’t been sleeping well for the past three days. Overextending myself during the day as well, instead of pacing myself, has taken a toll. I really want to dig a bit deeper than hair, but want to do the post justice that it deserves and I’m not up for the project today unfortunately. But I wanted to write and share with you all. I enjoy it so much, both the writing and the reading of other’s material. I’ve learned some great things and feel like I’ve connected with some really amazing people.

But really Jannelle is doing most of the work for me. I am her student I suppose as I think I found a teacher who is just as passionate about her curls as I am. It’s not earth-shattering information, I know, but I hope you will learn something. She shed light on my misconception of having a daily routine day in and day out. Is that old-school???

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