Staying True To My Desire For Hair of My Dreams

Ok, so I’m trying all kinds of things with my hair. I seem to have a mix of curly and straight. Yesterday, I attempted something different….

I washed with OGX Black Orchid Shampoo and used Carol’s Daughter Hair Mask as conditioner on my mid-shaft to ends. 

I lightly wrapped it in my turban for a second. I quickly applied Aquage Styling Gel (about a quarter-sized amount) raked it through with my fingers and followed with Cantu Care For Kids Curling Cream (about a quarter-sized amount.)

Then here comes the unusual. I “wet combed” it with a paddle brush. It separated into piecey strands. I then separated the top part of my hair and pulled it up in an elastic. I started twisting each strand on the bottom half, spiraling it from root to end. I did the same with the top half after finishing the bottom half.

I then wasn’t sure what to do next so I wrapped my hair lightly in the turban again as it was pretty wet still. I didn’t leave it on five minutes because I thought this would just destroy all the spiraling I just did. It was slightly crunchy. I remembered I had forgotten a step – to scrunch my curls, so I did that. This removed some of the pieceyness and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

So to further rid the crunchiness I sprayed on OGX renewing Argan Oil Weightless Dry Oil and scrunched some more. Next I used the hair dryer and a colander (makeshift diffuser) to dry my hair. It wasn’t working too well as my hair is pretty short so I aborted the colander and dried my roots, lifting them up as I dried. I held my curls and dried them too. 

I sprayed my hair again with the dry oil and scrunched, hoping to regain some curl I had lost with the scrunching and drying process. I now had a part down the middle with not that well established pieceyness and some frizz, which I don’t actually mind. 

Terribly awful photo…very tired yesterday (my excuse)

What I was expecting

Again, my bangs were a definite problem, as they do not hold a curl anymore. The end result was not great. But I am willing to attempt a similar routine with the twisting and twirling of pieces. This time I’m going for larger sections and I’m not going to part down the middle. Not using the colander, either and probably not any blow drying.

Of course, I had to use a product that for whatever reason I feel I must use – dry texturizing spray. It didn’t really do much. And the end results were not what I was hoping for. I’ve provided a pic of the results and a pic of what I was hoping for, and there is obvious differences. It was suggested to me to buy the Curly Girl Method book, but I think I’ll pass for now. This morning I brushed through my hair and if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know my hair was curly. Brushing curls is actually trending right now to my surprise as I think it looks sloppy. Notice how even she doesn’t like it and thinks she needs product!

Evidently, I’m doing a lot wrong or missing an important step. I don’t know anymore. And this is rather funny because I totally used to be a wash and go type of girl. 

Today, I’m recoloring and highlighting as my roots are turning reddish! I need a trim, too. Until next time! 

I know this post is just a report on my hair (so self-absorbed of me) but I want to figure this out so bad, I can’t help myself! I can’t lie, I’m having fun with this as well, except for the let down a little when it’s not “perfect.” Perfect would be just to wash and go for me, like the old days when I proudly displayed my lack of effort put towards my hair. But my dad even said to me, “Why don’t you do your hair”? one day. And it kinda stuck. I mean I was working out like I was training for the Olympics, tanning and always trying to dress in the best clothes I could afford, so I think he didn’t quite understand my lack of emphasis on attending to my hair. I know that I had given up on it. Like I said before, it was long, blonde and straight until age 16. My older sister or her friends – even my mom – would do my hair for me. So I never learned how. So I’m in the process of learning now. Us girls with curly hair are like a cult. It’s like a cult-ish thing to know how to rock naturally curly hair! They tell me enjoy the journey and I can honestly say that I am. Will I ever be satisfied? I hope so.

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