Always Inspired, Determined To Achieve My Look

Well, in prior posts, I’ve shared my desire to achieve a certain look. I’ve even offered the steps involved. Well, I’m constantly evolving. I’ve now grow tired with the one-dimensional dark brown shade I dyed it. Further the roots are fading for the most part, adding a reddish hue. 

I came across a picture of the same cut as I have, with curls and yes, some highlights in a honey shade! And this warm golden brown hue would work well with the base I have now and it’s unbelievable gorgeous! Since I’m ever battling with my bangs, I wonder if wearing them like this would not cause constant pushing them out of my eyes. But oh my God, the bangs are the worst part! Short of slicking my hair back, I’m at a loss of what to do….

Further, my curl pattern – my whole hair texture has left me. The one I fought because it wasn’t pin straight, of course, is now gone. I grew up with long, straight hair, but at the age of 16, my hair turned spirally curly! So now, at 37, it seems it’s changed again. Loss of volume, thinning and curl pattern is destroyed for the most part! I’ve been chasing a style for a long, long time!

Any styling suggestions are welcome, such as washing, brushing?, product suggestions for enhancing volume and curl….

I had luck yesterday and was pretty satisfied with the outcome of my hair styling routine. However, I think I need to stop letting it dry too much on my turban! But it obviously dates me sincerely and it too harsh and stiff looking for me.


Shampooed and conditioned with OGX Black Orchid Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Wrapped in turban for waaay to long, so it was pretty dry when I applied OGX Locking and Coconut Curls Decadent Mousse. I applied quite a bit of product (like two golf-ball sized amounts) and the mousse is more creamy and thick than any I’ve used before too, so perhaps I should start out with less. I scrunched and scrunched, lifting my roots by sliding my hands through my hair next to my scalp. It was so dry to begin with (and I was in a hurry), so no real need for blow drying (as I’ve been trying this out too, recently OMG.)

Pinned my bangs back, because they are totally unruly. Once dry and only slightly crunchy (thanks to the OGX Decadent Mousse, I reached for what I hope to be the promising finishing touch – Dry Texturizing Spray.) And so far, mousse provides less crunch then gel, but less hold and curl creams even less crunch, yet weigh down my fine hair. I’m kinda sad I sold my DevaCurl Gel. And it was a porch pick-up and the lady forgot to pay me the correct amount??!! I love the OGX mousse, but I think I really need a gel for my unruly hair. I have Aquage Styling Gel – a huge amount so that’s one of the main ingredients I’ll use today.

I defined and shaped with OGX Bamboo Fiber Full Tousled Spray. I was hoping for more volume and hold and it certainly came through on those ends to a degree; however, my bangs are relatively straight and they don’t stay in place no matter what I use. Maybe this product is not made for hold??? I felt the need to keep reapplying product to achieve volume and piecyness. 

I prefer this tousled spray or other texturing sprays I’ve tried. I’ve tried Living Proof’s version, Garnier Texture Tease and Hask Himalayan Pink Salt Dry Texturizing Spray. The Living Proof’s spray, I was not impressed with. It is not an aerosol (I know, better for the environment) and it goes on pretty wet. Garnier is never been a product line I’ve had much success with and it’s easy to go overboard with it’s version of texturizing spray. The Hask Dry Texturizing Spray has a scent that bothers by nose so it’s off the board, too.

I will say, that given the price point, availability at drugstores and it’s quality OGX is pretty darn decent. But I want the defined, airy, feminine look like below. Mine ends up making me look older and my curl pattern is not flattering – it is destined to work against me! And the swooping of my bangs is something I fight constantly, but this is they way they want to fall and it’s pretty annoying because I hate it. Sometimes, don’t you just want to say “heck with it,” and shave your head? I’ve actually heard is pretty empowering….

Like I said, I’d love product suggestions and even routines, if you are so kind to bestow upon me some tips. Of course, I’m changing it up every day, watching videos – even contemplating not washing it everyday. In regards to videos, I just watched one, but couldn’t hear her voice. She shampooed and conditioned, then applied a Kinky Curly product (the one in the bottle) and some curl cream. She then “wet” brushed it. It formed into tiny sections, of which, she individually twirled and then it ended suddenly with her hair wrapped in a T-shirt and a picture of her dried, finished hair! I guess I get the gist, but I thought it quite time consuming to twirl all these strands and then ending…well…it left me confused.

Oh, and one more thing. Check out this lovely lady’s brushed out curls (same one who did the less than helpful video I described) – yes it is in fashion to wear one’s hair like this! 

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