Organizing And All That Stuff

In reference to “Am I A Hoarder” in a previous post, I thought I better follow up with my attempt to de-clutter and organize. I’m too OCD to not have done this a long time ago. And it’s supposed to clear the mind so here is my “after” photos of the same shots in the hoarding post. 

I still need to sort through the five bags, which are organized by category, and throw out what is useless and just simply is taking up space. I’ve yet to count how many lipsticks I own and I kinda dread living up to the truth of having so many! I’m not going to lie, I’m keeping the expensive ones! 

I’m trying to sell some of my best things too, that have been maybe used one time, or give them away like I have already done. As you can see I have a lot of small sample products and I’ve proudly displayed my Allure Beauty Box. (Though I did organize three boxes into one)! The rest of the samples I’ve tried and are organized accordingly on my shelf by the window or below, where I’ve disguised what is left of my organization project behind bags. So yes, I’m portraying organization on some level. My goal is to get everything to fit in this one bag I purchased from Sephora. Sephora Collection Hanging Organizer, $34

I like to do my makeup in natural lighting so hence the placement of the small mirror by the window. I did the mosaic design on it, too! If you look closely, you will see two sets of brushes. The one on the top shelf is getting tossed and the Ulta Beauty Face Brush Set gleaming below is going to replace these brushes, with probably the exception of the orange-handled brush I use for my foundation or BB cream. (I may however, go back to using my pathetic little fake version of the Beauty Blender.) What about you, do you change it up, use your fingers alone or use an applicator of some sort? 

Now that I’m in the process of streamlining my products, I hope to find my ever so desired basic routine! But I doubt that I will stop buying and trying…I just love the journey. Do you find yourself always intrigued by the next, new thing? If it’s in my budget, I am. I don’t even have to say it. I’ve actually turned others into liking different shampoos, conditioners and body washes, depending on how they feel that day. Are you with me on this? Not always do I want a deep-cleansing shampoo or a body wash with a strong, floral scent. Showering is supposed to be a form of self-care and if I skip it, I don’t feel like my day has started. Showering twice a day is a must for me when I go to the gym in the evening and always after working a 9-5. With the exception that I don’t wash my hair twice. Is this too OCD for you? Too much information, I suppose. Just justifying the accummulation, my apologies. 

With all the Beauty Box offerings out there, my tendency to favor fashion magazines and with drugstores offering good stuff for low prices, I am a marketer’s dream. But I’m not alone. I’m just one of those who is passionate about beauty and really self-care. I love to share my objective opinion to help others so much! 

I can say that I was not lucky in the skin department and that has probably been the most significant reason why I do what I do. I can’t tell you how I struggled with impossible acne (I know it’s gross) scars – one from a CD chucked at my head – that I’ve tried to get rid of. The gash on my forehead was from a relationship, and we made up a story and reenacted it that we were playing softball outside and that’s how my face got split open! My mother came over and sat there, with me on his lap, speechless and not convinced as to what happened. My high school graduation was days away and I never got stitches, only used a butterfly closer his mom gave to me. So I’ve tried to get rid of the reminder of that in the process, too. 

This “flaw” was the result of brutality, but I don’t believe it defines me at all. It’s been so long that I don’t even notice it anymore. Maybe all my trials with products have helped. I hope. Do you think you are flawed and try to cover it up, or do you see the lines, wrinkles, scars, etc. as a sort of visual history of your unbeatable smile or tenacity at studying, lack of wearing SPF while enjoy the sun, whatever, as telling a little about you? I hope you are the latter, that is why I hardly do wear makeup. It’s paradoxical, and I’ve said this before here, but I must except myself as is first before I can apply makeup. It may be hard to understand, and it must be my OCD, but it’s the genuine truth. I guess you could say I take my skincare seriously and the beautification process, a little less so. To me, makeup, hair, etc. should be fun. I hope you too can feel as good about yourself, without it all, just as much as you can when you use products to enhance! 

I had no intention of going this deep into beauty. But I tend to ramble. Now it’s your turn to tell me what’s up! I want to hear from you what you believe to be true in regards to what I’ve said. Positive or negative feedback is equally appreciated and valued! Thank you! Back to the organization for now! Lots of love!

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