Be A Conduit For A Great Party

My last experience as a hostess of sorts was when a gentleman, who I barely knew, stumbled into my condo late one night, accompanied by my boyfriend. I do have to admit the conflicting schedules of my new roommate and boyfriend got to me after two weeks. At one point I yelled, “Get the fuck out!” I didn’t really mean it. And truth be told, the newcomer was black and actually told my boyfriend that that was the nicest thing he had heard in a long time. I guess because I am white. He was so used to something they informed me of called “white guilt.” 

I had never heard of it, yet trying to stand in the gentleman’s shoes, I could understand. I know when you say you’re not racist that indeed, you are inadvertently being racist. But it had nothing to do with his color. I had just had enough. For instance, I fed these two, gave them a place to sleep and a car to use. I didn’t have much money, but I mostly did my best to accommodate the different schedules and cook many meals for them both. They devoured my lasagna like they had never eaten before. They left one edge piece in the entire 9 x 13 pan! And when my boyfriend couldn’t find it, he was mad I had eaten it!

Anyway, that was my last experience of hostessing. Not my best at all. I love to entertain and thought I would share some advice to throwing an unforgettable bash!

  • Send out personalized notes well in advance of your party date
  • Invite a mix of interesting people and sexes
  • Help out someone who may not know anyone by giving them something to do with another person, such as chopping of vegetables or making a salad so they can marinate and get to know each other
  • Play some party music, not overwhelming, but something that will set the vibe like Rhianna for instance
  • Have everyone take off their shoes. This not only prevents extra germs, but gets people in a relaxed, comfortable state (make sure the temperature is appropriate and not too cold)
  • Be a conduit for fun. Tell jokes and share funny stories about your invitees that will get everyone talking and laughing (a little smattering of your friends’ favorite adult beverages always helps)
  • Obvious – serve food. For me, I love to cook and it’s special to cook for people, I think. Make simple, yet elegant dishes and desserts that you know are good. If you must cater, then you might want to rethink things that need to be kept hot and choose an alternative from your favorite restaurant. And at the very least, a nice cheese plate with some crackers and fruit is easy to prepare.
  • Send everyone home with a small gift (my sister is known for this.) It’s just a extra touch that shows how much you appreciate them coming to your festivity. It will also remind them of what a GREAT experience they had with you as the host!

Please, tell me what I’ve forgotten! Tell me how you throw down! Share your funny story of being a host, I’d love to hear it!

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