Nail It Like RHW

They’re not quite square, not quite rounded and not quite pointed. The new nail is something of all the above. Like Rosie Huntington-Whitely, keep it short and chic.

A few things you’ll need:

Inspiration, polish remover, cotton balls, Q-tips, clippers, nail file, cuticle instrument (for pushing back cuticles), and polish. I’ve had my nails done maybe five times so I typically do my own. 

Mine are just a little too short for this look, but I did my best!

To achieve this look, remove polish, if necessary, rinse hands and dry. Next clip and/or file your nails, especially on the sides and create a rounded point. Apply cuticle cream and let absorb or like with mine from OPI, use the applicator brush to rub in the cream. Massage with fingers. Now push back cuticles gently using a metal tool, such as Revlon’s. This is very important for good application of polish. Moisturize your hands using any lotion or hand cream you like. I used First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream (it’s for the face, but too heavy for mine.) Let the moisturizer sink in and wash hands and dry. 

Now your ready for polish. I used Esse’s in bahama mama. The size of the brush on the Esse brand is rather small, so some adjustments to application can be made depending on your polish choice. Obviously, larger brushes, like on OPI, carry more polish. Okay so to begin, shake or roll polish. Next remove brush and for the first application, use the side of the bottle opening to remove the polish on one side of the brush. With the polish loaded side, apply about 2/3rd’s down the nail, use the polish and brush to edge next to cuticle down the middle and then do the sides of each nail. Make sure to cover the tip of your nail so polish will chip less and last a bit longer. Let dry and apply a second coat. (Perhaps you are okay with one coat, depending on your brand. I know that sometimes with OPI, for example, I only need to apply one coat.) For the second coat, barely remove any polish from brush and apply using the same method for the first coat. Let dry and apply a top coat. Mine is CND Vinylux. Let dry and you’re own manicure is done. Oh, except if you made a couple mistakes – this is where the Q-tip and polisher remover come in handy. Pour a little polish remover in the cap and soak Q-tip. Use it to remove any mistakes. That’s it! (I didn’t say anything about basecoat because I don’t use one; however it may be a good idea.) Sometimes I do use a nude shade, such as the pictured Esse color in “out of the jukebox” – it is very sheer. It helps with avoiding the staining that darker colors tend to do. 

Having my nails done just makes me feel good. I like when I take the time to give myself a manicure. Oh, and this maybe unnecessary to say, paint your dominant hand first!

Hope you enjoy your new nail shape! And keeping them short like Rosie has hers helps when it comes to doing things like, ya know, typing, texting, etc. The other Esse polish in the picture above is after school boy blazer, a deep blue shade.

All done!
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