Searching For New Face Mask And My Discovery

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community has a fun challenge going on. It is called the weekly mask challenge. People share their suggestions and reviews. Everyone is so great at actually asking for and valuing feedback. Sign up to be a Beauty Insider, go to the Community section on Sephora’s site, click on “Join The Conversation” and type in your concern. I bet you there is a post relevant to your topic, if not, start one! Join in on the many wonderful conversations about beauty products with like-minded people who not only seek help, but want to help if you haven’t already. I can’t say enough about a company knowing how to engage it’s clientele. 

So I am in need of a new mask. My skin is currently hot feeling, irritated and I have some inflammation going on day #4. My DIY yogurt and honey mask concoction really wasn’t either strong enough to tackle my skin woes, or the only reason I reported some relief was because the yogurt was cold and that’s what helped. (Note: I will store everything possible that is applied to my face in the refrigerator.)

As I’ve said before, I always always look at the ingredient list on products (well I did mess up twice recently and am still dealing with the results of my negligence.)

Twice now, I’ve come across a chemical called Butylene Glycol. First, in hair products and now during a search for masks. I love the brand fresh, but it is rather costly. Specifically, I was on Sephora’s site viewing fresh’s rose face mask. It actually contains real rose petals (6th ingredient) and claims not to smell like your grandmother’s version of rose. Sounds great, right?! It also contains Rosa Damascena Flower Water as the 8th ingredient. But there I see it – Butylene Glycol is the 2nd ingredient after water. You may have heard about this chemical – it is used in many beauty products. I’ve heard that it is a chemical in cleaning products and it actually is derived from petroleum. Sounds kinda bad, huh? But I thought since so many products, and especially a brand like fresh, contain this ingredient, I thought I should do a little research about it. The article below explains it’s use, debunks the myth of being a carcinogen and most of all, gives me some knowledge I didn’t have. 

If you’ve ever wondered about Butylene Glycol, I suggest reading this brief article by The Derm Review. And if you’re still a little wary, there is other options to get the most out of your beauty products, as this ingredient is a catalyst of sorts. I know I needed to know what was up with this prominent ingredient. Maybe you do too so I hope this helps. You are reading ingredient lists before purchasing something, right? If not, I suggest you do to avoid irritation and to really see where that celebrated ingredient(s) exists on the ingredient list – the farther down – the less of it the product contains.

I really wanted to like and try the fresh rose mask because I believe in rosewater as being a very powerful, effective ingredient (and applying rose petals to my face sounds so spa-like) especially for soothing the skin, but either Butylene Glycol is really, really effective, or just cheap and potentially irritating. The product reviews were all great for the fresh rose mask, but for now, I’m going to avoid using products with the ingredient.

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