CEO Is Changing The Interviewing Process

I came across this article on LinkedIn from Lou Adler, CEO, Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems. Author, Hire with Your Head and The Essential Guide for Hiring. This 2-Step Process Virtually Eliminates Interviewer Bias

I’ve commented on other posts on LinkedIn regarding the employer/employee dynamic. And I’m not surprised by what I see here as the number one factor employers use to judge totally unrelated skills, talents and fit for positions. Appearance. 

Here, Mr. Adler has challenged this flawed judgement by changing the hiring process. Apparently, judging people on appearance alone is so ingrained in us as human beings that even he found himself influenced by it, so much so he had to do something about it as he saw it being flawed. 

Phone screens are certainly on the rise and have been for awhile as is skills assessments. The phone screens are always the same five questions and now I practically know them by heart. The same thing goes for the skills assessments sent to me by the employer I applied to. They are practically no-brainer assessments and very impersonal. I’m sure anyone applying to jobs have encountered one or the other. I’ve had some success moving forward on phone screens to an phone interview from the hiring manager. But I actually landed a job after a live phone interview and two in-person interviews. The job ended abruptly. At first, I received phone calls and emails saying how the team would never be the same after me joining them. I worked for many hours for them before I even started. But once I did, the whole dynamic changed. It was like they were different people and I was devalued many times. To say the least, it still confuses me. I lost several other opportunities because I committed to this job. Sometimes life is very confusing.

I’m not complaining, just explaining. I’m looking for work myself again. Keeping abreast of knowledge about the hiring process is part of the work in getting a job so I find articles like this one very interesting. I hope first impressions start to be based on skills, talents, fit and to some degree personality, not appearance overriding everything.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences. I am eager to hear feedback, positive or negative. I hope what could be classified as discrimination is stopped and that judgement based on appearance becomes an unacceptable practice. 

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