Homemade Face Masks

Check out this article about searching your pantry and fridge for items to soothe and comfort skin from Everyday Health.

My face has been on fire for the past two days! And I didn’t think I had reactive skin. It was one of two new products I used. Laneige Sleeping Mask (which I only left on for 20 minutes or so, or Garnier Rose Water Facial Mist. The mist has alcohol derived from beets so in they’re description it’s natural, but I think this may be the culprit. Tried cold washcloth and Vichy Laboratories Eau Thermal Face Mist (which I highly recommend) but nothing has worked. 

Hoped for an avocado to be somewhere in the kitchen, but no. The article says try a warm washcloth with milk and the lactic acid will calm skin. But that’s just too messy. Found some plain yogurt, added about a tablespoon of honey to a 1/4 cup yogurt and going to apply. Hope this helps!

Had to wait for it to dry to take a pic – it was too scary – and had to add some MAC lip color 🙂

Sorry, everyone, but do not put alcohol ahem, spray alcohol repeatedly on your face! I don’t care if it’s derived from a beet. I’ve even taken ibuprofen to no avail. I hope this concoction I made up does something!

Well, I’m reporting back to say yes, in fact it has helped some. But my reaction is kinda bad I mean ibuprofen didn’t help….

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