Getting Closer To The Look, Redefined

Today I styled with Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves Spray, a few drops of Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, Bumble and Bumble brilliantine (amazing product) and Garnier Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray. And a pic with actually a little bit of makeup. (This is after it rained on my hair and like 5 hours ago application of a little foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow stuff (I have so many that’s what I call it), powder and lipstick. I could use some eyeliner here, but oh well!

I’ve attempted now, too many times to count to mimic the look above. I wanted the exact pieced-ness and soft separation of curls and waves that this woman’s hair was styled like. I found it under #shorthairstyles on Instagram. I’ve even tried to flip my bangs up at the ends like she had done to her hair. Well, nothing short of trying too hard, I came to the reality that I’ve attempted this same thing with haircuts before. Never settling on a stylist because to me, they never got it “right.” I’ve paid over $200 for a haircut and color before and NEVER was happy. This time I went for value, yet happened to sit in the chair of a delightful, inspiring woman by the name of Amanda Johnson at Beauty World, right near my house in St. Charles, Mo. She gave me a great cut, was obviously concentrating on doing a good job and I didn’t mind her styling it – even hitting it with a blow dryer! She opened up as I stood up, my hair finished and dry for once. She told me about her life; her amazing weight loss that she did all with exercise, eating right and drinking lots of water; and shared pictures of herself and her five adopted children. The cut was $35 and all I had was $40. So I will make it up to her at my next appointment – because she is a catch! I know I shouldn’t divulge such information about my new stylist (because now I can say I have one I want to keep) because soon I won’t be able to get an appointment.

But my point is that it wasn’t Amanda’s imperfect hair cut. It was my head of hair, the shape of my head and face. And that, I cannot change. So to be so worried I couldn’t exactly copy the image, I started to think that it was my thinking that needed to change. Yes, I still have a look I’m going for, but the picture is not above my mirror anymore. I can’t be her. I’ll never be her. And who cares! It’s an inspiration of a look I want, not an exact replication. I really was feeling defeated at my failed attempts, but I’m more general about it now. I make things way over-complicated and devalue what “my look” is. So here’s farewell to trying and failing to reincarnate into someone else’s genetic makeup and breathing a sigh of relief that I’m okay. 

You’re hair may be a message to the world. I want my message to be that I care, that it’s naturally curly (and I like it) and a little frizz and messiness are on purpose of course! No wonder it took me 30 stylists later to figure this out. But props to Ms. Amanda Johnson, who is passionate about what she does and knows a thing or two about life, learning lessons and passing on wisdom! 

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