Transmigration Or Reincarnation! – Past Or Future Incarnations?

He found me! I am moved by Lucid Being as I hope you are. His blogs have given me what I couldn’t find on my own – a way to tell others a personal story that will not confuse the reader. A book that I’ve wanted to write, but didn’t know how. I have to get over the idea that it is egotistical to write something such as this. I can only hope I have the strength to write it in a “lucid” way…

Beyond Human💫


Transmigration Or Reincarnation! – Past Or Future Incarnations?

Predestined Purpose in Life, speaking a strange language, unexplained talents, memories otherwise impossible, are some of our reincarnating evidence we have in these lives or other lives. Why does our possible past life recall fade through life? Is it only us humans that transmigrate – or does every living creature live a Never Ending Story?

Pablo Picasso, Blaise Pascal, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are just a few names that are synonymous with ‘Child Prodigy’. How did such humans in such early life develop such maturity in their fields so quickly? Freak Evolution, Divine Intervention, Previous life consciousness spill-over or Past Life abilities passed along? – Or Transmigration of the Spirit?


An explanation for this ‘improbable knowledge’ is telepathy, however telepathy wouldn’t show such bias and isolated shared experiences of knowledge or higher callings. Telepathy is far more in the here and now. Reincarnation…

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