Thinking Too Much?

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On October 26th, I wrote a post about anxiety, panic attacks and offered some personal insight into dealing with these issues. Much to my surprise, my anxiety returned slightly for the next couple of days. I know how to deal with it now, but really had been anxiety-free for years, actually.

Then I came across an article about dieting, Just telling yourself you are on a diet, actually makes your body crave sweets, carbs, whatever your weakness is when it comes to food. I found this interesting and a parallel to what I experienced to just thinking about anxiety, remembering enough of how panic attacks feel to write about it and offer some advice on coping and healing. I had to put myself back into a place of anxiousness so my mind was triggered by just the thought of it so much so I actually experienced the emotion.

I’ve often been told by doctors that thoughts determine feelings so it is no wonder that the same wouldn’t be true when it comes to dieting. Telling yourself, according to this article, that you’re on a diet inadvertently generates a thoughtfulness of weight loss that works against you. That is why I said in regards to anxiety, allow some time to pass between severe anxiousness like panic attacks, so¬† your brain has time to heal and not be on the outlook for first signs of anxiety. Taking the blame away is important too, I described.

It seems that preoccupation – too much thinking about anxiety in my case, and in the case of the girl who was constantly thinking about her dieting, does no one any good and actually circumvents what you attempt to achieve be it peace or weight loss.

I know I posted about the Mediterranean Diet. However, it was meant to be an anecdote regarding my family’s diet due to being very poor, and to provide evidence that the culture ate what was provided to them based on their location. Further, it is not a restrictive diet, yet balanced.

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