Couldn’t Believe What I Found Out Re My Health, cont’d

Hello everyone! After all the testing and all the waiting to find out what was causing my at times, disabling abdominal pain. Well, nothing really. Except for my own head.

Stress and anxiety are the diagnoses for the month long trial with my abdominal issues.

For the most part, my worry is over – I have received a good health report. And like I said before this ever happened out of nowhere, I was undergoing stress in every aspect of my life. But life comes with stress, and for me, sometimes anxiety. I am in awe of how my mind just had to let me know the way I was living was causing too much distress to my second brain – the stomach. I actually thought that despite the crazy circumstances, I was handling my stress just fine. But in fact, I wasn’t.

I need to seek out sources of joy, appreciate small things and avoid highly stressful situations (I mean the kind where you’re scared for your life.) Eating better and exercise are somethings that we all hear everyday to help with things like stress and anxiety, but instead of thinking I was just fine without taking care of myself properly, I need to just recall the frightening hours in the ER room and the month of distracting pain, to know that I’m not above living without abandon.

I hope this dialogue ends here on a positive note. This is something I have control over, I know now.

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