Just For the Sake Of Continuity Re: My Health Care, Part II

I said in my last post, “For the Sake of Continuity Re My Health Care,” a couple of things that I’d like to clarify and speak about. Here, I am following that up with this post.

Truth is, I couldn’t make the rescheduled X-ray on Wednesday like I had posted. I was in too much pain, too tired and too sick to go. And I’m someone that can tolerate a lot of discomfort and pain, especially since this test is so important apparently.
However, I finally completed the X-ray with the downing of three cups of Barium. The upper and lower GI were X-rayed without Barium for a couple pictures, then I waited about 15 minutes. Next, I was pulled into another X-ray room and instructed by the radiologist to swallow an alka-seltzer type Dixie cup of bubbling water followed by another cup of Barium. Pictures were taken in various positions as I stood. Then the X-ray table was laid backwards and I felt sick. I was instructed to roll around two times to have the Barium coat my stomach. Several images were taken. I was given more Barium through a straw as I lied on my stomach, in various positions, and again, more images were captured. After this was over I was given another cup of Barium with a straw to drink in 15 minutes in the waiting room. I drank it as fast as the first to get it over with.

I waited and waited, slightly jumping at the sight of one of the radiology techs come out of the X-ray room, hoping it was my turn. I was warned that the testing could take up to four hours, depending on my metabolism. Finally, I was called for a final round of pictures by the radiologist. I couldn’t believe I had made it to the end! He pressed on my abdomen in various areas as he took image after image. I was told to drink a lot of water because the Barium does not get absorbed my the body and left.

This was on Tuesday, October 24th. Hopefully, Dr. Benage, the G.I. doctor will follow up with me sometime today with the results as I was told I would hear from the referring doctor in one to two days. And he now finally has my medical records from my hospital stay a month ago. It took an entire month to get them sent to Dr. Benage from BJC – finally Gateway Gastroenterology confirmed receipt on the 22nd. of October.

So when I speak about continuity of care, this is what I mean. And when I speak of continuity of human behavior, I have the following case in point:

Another topic that I had spoke of during my last related post was my job, and Kayla and Christopher Dennis’s gracious understanding of my health. So as agreed upon, I went in Wednesday and Thursday of last week even though Kayla had said she wanted me to get better and had no problem with me starting the beginning of November. So for good reason, I was also skeptical of the advancement in the start date – and for good reason.

No one really cared about my health on my arrival, which was okay with me. I was hoping for the best. Angie, a lady in Accounting was apparently put in charge of me by Kayla, as she was not present most of the day. Angie treated me with very little respect, talked over me and was generally unapproachable. In regards to what they had me doing – setting up new phone and Internet lines in their new office location that they planned to move in by the 26th. – I was struggling to hear the representatives from Charter and AT&T U-Verse on basically a house phone line. (They were all trying to sell us on a package deal that would save us money, but TV, did we really need TV?)
To cut to the point, Thursday was no different. Kayla was sick and Christopher did not have the same attitude about me as he had espoused after being hired. These people that I had went so far to blog about as appearing to be so genuine and happy to have me were acting exactly the opposite.
I had not only worked on my own time, before starting, for US Essential Supply and Services, but when I was in the office, the coldness I experienced was undeniable and a huge shock and disappointment. I asked about filling out my W-2 and W-4, but it was forgotten about. Yet another waste of time and energy and negative experience that is completely unhealthy for me, as I still suffer with my health and wasn’t actually supposed to start till the beginning of November. They have not reached out to me. I am not getting compensated apparently for my work onsite – and honestly, it’s not worth the hassle when I have bigger fish to fry!

The only reconciliation I got was that my Uncle Gary, who I had discussed some technology issues with in regards to this position and who also knew my excitement about starting with the company, said it was UNAPPREHENSIBLE (also slow to comprehend, dull, unintelligent) how I was treated when he heard from my mother because he was asking about my health. How blessed I am to have this understanding relative, who has went above and beyond for me my entire life, to stand up for me – hear my frustration, confusion and dismay!

I do hope I hear something from Dr. Benage today that will be assist me in a resolution to a problem that has affected my life and other’s lives close to me. It is approaching noon on Day 2 and I’m waiting for news that will determine the immediate future of my life. I pray they have the foresight to understand that I am highly anticipating the feedback.

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