Tip After the Interview

Always, always, always ask for a business card at the close of your interview. This one simple detail will allow you to have direct contact information of whom you interviewed with. It allows you to have all the relevant information in order to follow up with the individual(s).

As soon as you can, compose a handwritten thank you note. (Keep it business professional, unless it’s for a creative position and then you have a little more leeway in your selection of cards.) Thank them for their time and talk about a strength you can bring to the position that was discussed during the interview. Or, alternatively, elaborate on how you can add to, improve or illustrate your knowledge on a topic they brought up during your discussion. Just one or two points to remind them of what you can offer the company.

Say something like, “Per our discussion, you mentioned that you were looking for someone who can do ______.” And then provide the example that showcases this skill.

It’s that easy. It not only shows you were invested in the interview, that you want the job, but that you appreciate their time.

I know nowadays, sending a thank you email is considered to be better because it is quicker to reach the employer and keep you at the top of their minds. However, I suggest the more personal approach of a nicely handwritten note. Nothing needs to be fancy or expensive here. Just make sure everything is neat – even down to putting on the postage stamp.

I also suggest writing your draft on a piece of paper before writing on the note card so you are sure it will fit and it is exactly what you want to convey. Then into the mailbox as soon as possible!

You’d be amazed how this simple step can set you apart!

Good luck to all job-seekers out there! And don’t forget, I’m more than happy to be a resource of information on interviewing, resume and cover letter writing. Please see my Intro Page to sign up for a free consultation for the first 10 respondents.

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