Just For the Sake of Continuity Re: My Health Care

Woke up to intense abdominal pain at 5 a.m. Tried a heat wrap, you know the Thermacare ones? Wrapped it around my belly and curled up in a ball in bed, determined not to take a sip of water and ibuprofen. That lasted about 20 minutes. I had to have relief so I gave in and took four with some water. I thought I couldn’t have the X-ray because I was told by the G.I. doctor’s office I couldn’t even have water from 12 a.m. till after the X-ray with Barium Swallow sometime around 10 a.m.

Come to find out, it would have been okay. So, much to my dismay, the X-ray is delayed till next Wednesday. And the medical records still haven’t shown up at Dr. Benage’s office. I’m telling you this is why I wanted to go into Healthcare Administration. What is going on with continuity of care. No pain management – see your primary care doctor. Well, if I’m lucky, he’s going to refer me, his assistant tells me.

On a more uplifting note, I’m starting my new job as an Operations Coordinator on Wednesday afternoon, too! (I went to the ER the day I was supposed to start.)

I can’t say enough about Kayla Dennis, my boss and owner of the company and Christopher Dennis, the Vice President. The empathy, concern and true wishes for me to join their team have been the most gracious of all gifts a person could hope for in an employer. Thank you Kayla for the women and boss lady you are in addition to seeing something so special in me! I only hope I can return the favor and be a promising employee (and exercise partner)!


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