Neurotic, You Say: A Look Into The Creative Potential

Halsey (2)

I recently read an inspiring article in Marie Claire about the Pop star, who goes by Halsey. I had not heard of her – given name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane – or ever listened to her music. Her rise to fame was when, after dropping out of school and living in and out of friends’ homes, she started to record music at age 23. One day an electro-pop song “Ghost” was uploaded by her to SoundCloud. The next morning, it appeared on iTunes and “pretty much every record label in New York was trying to get in touch with her.”

This simple act generated a contract with Astralworks and her first album, Badlands. But Halsey is complex, neurotic. She suffers from bipolar disorder, is biracial, bisexual, once attemted suicide and is known for fainting onstage. What struck me about Halsey is that she, in creative mode, took a leap of faith (which keeps a lot of people from creating, myself included) and unleashed a career that fuels her complexity as an artist.

The real take-away is what she says during the interview. “I don’t manage my mental illness to keep up with my lifestyle; I manage my lifestyle to keep up with my mental illness.” She refuses prescription medication, and instead allows her creative mind to “put her life through a filter and turn it into art.” This is how the creative mind works – either bending, breaking or blending information that passes through the brain.

When she’s feeling manic, Halsey schedules tours. When she is more reclusive, she writes. Halsey is neurotic, complex – all characteristics we may sum our selves up as – and feel defeated. She is an example of giving up on labeling herself or allowing others’ judgements define her. She is not perfect. But she is an example to all of us considering ourselves to be “out there.” Embrace it, I bet she would say.

 Control Lyrics from Badlands

Let me know what you think of the song!

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