Denim Dress Distress, Distress

Well, I was hoping on posting about a remake of the dress featured in Taking on a Fashion Project, but unfortunately, and after consultation with my mom, the dress is not feasible to distressing. First of all the denim is unlike regular denim that has threads of white and blue going in opposite directions, and the dress has been pressed to have a sheen to it. Further, the seam and hem of the dress are stitched so close that I wouldn’t achieve the look I was going for – short of seeking out a tailor to alter it. So off to look for a dress that I can achieve this with. Sorry everyone!

Alice + Olivia Denim Dress

It is posted for sale on Facebook, now shown with a look for fall. A tight, cropped mock turtleneck worn underneath will keep away the chill and is on point for fashion’s sake. The turtleneck is white, zips up the back and would be cute paired with high-waisted jeans. I’m still working on other fashion redesigns so be on the lookout for those!

Well, I have been so busy posting about other things, that I had forgotten about this one. Sorry, everyone! Here is my remake of a Paris Blues denim skirt. I cut off about 2 inches from the bottom hem, washed it, frayed it using a rather large threading needle, washed again, clipped off any long pieces and frayed some more. I ironed on star embellishments. Here is the final project.

Paris Blue’s Redone
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