Sad, But True

I told you I was a fashion influencer and even my friends will tell you that I brought it to St. Louis. One of my favorite trends that I got from my favorite model, Gisele Bunduchen, was tucking my skinny jeans into knee-high or even over-the-knee, heeled or flat boots. No one was doing it, but me, at least that I witnessed. Then, suddenly EVERYONE was wearing this trend. All ages, all body types, which was great. But to my deep regret, and I knew this even last season that for Fall, it is now a fashion faux pas, a blunder! I also seen boots worn this way with leggings by many a daring woman.

So yeah, to make room for this fashion no no, you’re favorite skinny jeans (and mine) or also no longer on trend. Jeans that fit over the boots, no matter the style, is where it’s at girls and guys.

You may be freaking out about tossing your skinny jeans for boot cut, flared, boyfriend, girlfriend, straight legged and others. I know I am. I like my jeans fitted and high-waisted. I even just bought three pair for work (lucky me – except when meeting with clients – I get to wear jeans to work)! While high-waisted is still okay according to fashion insiders, I guess if you are so inclined look for jeans that will fit nicely over your favorite boots. Or, wear your mid-calf, knee-high, riding or over-the-knee boots with a flowly maxi dress so you can actually show them off.

I guess I’ll be wearing my flared jeans from Show Me Your Mumu a lot more that actually, even in heels, drag on the ground. My mom says I look like a wookie. Not sure what that is, or if it’s even a word?? Merriam-Webster says it isn’t. But that makes me want to wear those California cool jeans even more (see my About Me page about listening to my mother.)

Is this crazy beautiful, big-time fashionista, Olivia Palermo? She always shows how it’s done.


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5 thoughts on “Sad, But True

  1. I love skinny jeans and i will not give them up 😀 jajaja


    1. Thank you for reading my post and your comment. I don’t think I will be either!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the flow. I think I am taking the journey with ya!!
    Insightfully written…


    1. Don’t forget to follow me please!


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